Report: Earl Thomas threatened at gunpoint by wife in domestic incident

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Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas had a gun held to his head by his wife after she caught him cheating in an incident last month, according to a report from TMZ.

Per the police report acquired by TMZ, Thomas’ wife, Nina, confronted him and his brother, Seth, after tracking him to a rental home via his Snapchat account. Thomas had left home after a disagreement over his drinking earlier in the day. His wife then logged into his social media account and found video of Thomas with another woman and left to confront him.

When police arrived to the scene of the disturbance, Thomas, having gained possession of the handgun, was being chased around the vehicle by his wife, who was at that point wielding a knife.

Nina Thomas told police she had called two other women to help her confront Thomas, and that she took Earl’s handgun with an intent to “scare him.” She had taken the magazine out of the gun, but she was unaware of a round in the chamber.

Earl Thomas made an Instagram post shortly before the release of the TMZ report, indicating he had received notice from his agent that the item would be published Thursday morning. The story was presumably released once Thomas made his own statement about the incident.

So my agent just hit me and said that I’m going to be on TMZ tomorrow from an altercation that happened with me and Nina,” Thomas said. “So I just wanted to get ahead of it. I mean, it’s really not anybody’s business. It’s pissing me off that it got out but it’s the world we live in today. Instead of talking about it, just keep us in y’all’s prayers. Stuff like this happens, bro. We try to live the best lives we possibly can but sometimes it don’t go as planned. Just pray for us as we go through this stuff. We’ve back talking. I’m seeing my kids so just keep us in your prayers.”

Earl Thomas wrestled the gun away from his wife before any accidents could have happened. The report says Nina Thomas struck Earl in the nose in video that was recorded during the incident

Nina Thomas and the two other women involved were both arrested for their actions. She was booked for burglary of a residence with intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon/family violence.

74 responses to “Report: Earl Thomas threatened at gunpoint by wife in domestic incident

  1. Bummer. I’m really Sorry he didn’t stay true & loyal. Also, sorry he stepped out on his bride.

  2. “Stuff like this happens, bro. ”

    Been in hundreds of fights with my wife, not once have we held a gun to eachothers head. A few hours of silence and we’re good.

  3. Keep keeping it real classy there Earl. Should have stayed six feet apart.

  4. Before any accidents could have happened? I’m sorry point a potentially, a gun you have made sure is safe and clear, loaded gun at anybody is no accident, it is a choice. Furthermore if the cheating incident was a month ago, this was premeditated.

  5. My heart and prayers go out to the kids.

    Come on man! Grow up! You got kids that should be looking up to Dad, who has been playing in the NFL with the right message and being a good role model, but that’s not the case.

    The wife needs to get a grip on reality. You can’t run around with a gun and pull a knife on the cheating father.

    I don’t feel sorry or one bit of sympathy for the parents bc they need to grow up and start acting like parents to the kids.

  6. Doesn’t sound like they were social distancing and limiting their non-essential travel.

  7. Pray for you and your cheating, Earl?
    Maybe you should have been more engaged with your wife than your mistress.

  8. I m willing to bet that Earl will be charged with cheating on his wife , while his wife will walk free and unscathed. No punishment for her ..

  9. Baltimore’s new ownership has done a good job of sending messages of no tolerance for such behavior. Although not at the level of Ray Rice action, Thomas created a domestic situation that can’t be overlooked. When you are a high-profile employee of an organization be it CBS or the Baltimore Ravens, you represent that organization. In my opinion, his actions taint the Ravens’ image and he should be terminated. As much as I hated seeing Ray Rice leaving, I feel the same way about Earl Thomas. But, you have to be held accountable for your actions and the Baltimore Ravens should do the right thing and send yet another clear message by terminating the contract. Demonstrating moral leadership isn’t easy, especially in our political climate.

  10. “Stuff like this happens, bro.”

    No, no it doesn’t, bro. Never in 36 years of marriage.

  11. Ok Earl, no big deal with one in the chamber and your wife waving it around. What if she had pulled the trigger?…..right no big deal.

  12. An angry wife running around with a gun with one in the chamber isn’t anyone’s business?

    All fun and games until someone gets shot.

  13. “Stuff like this happens, bro. We try to live the best lives we possibly can”

    No “bro”, stuff like that doesn’t happen with me and my wife. And as to “living the best life you possibly can” that would involve not cheating on your wife.

    SMH he’s not pissed off TMZ got ahold of the story, he’s pissed off his wife caught him cheating and he didn’t get away with it.

    Which, posting on social media and screaming to the world you were cheating maybe wasn’t the smartest thing to do…..

  14. “So I just wanted to get ahead of it.”….

    The only part of that statement that isn’t unbelievably stupid. It only goes downhill from there.

  15. Three things; 1.) Thomas makes the interception of his life, 2.) we all need to SMARTLY go back to work, 3.) Don’t leave loaded guns laying around.

  16. Daaaaaaaammmmn, Earl. So glad the Cowboys felt you were too expensive (& you were).

    I will take the Dak and his contract drama over this any day. If you know you have a crazy wife, you best keep your business clean, otherwise it just may end up as an exclusive on the “highly respected” media outlet known as TMZ

  17. When will athletes learn? Domestic issues have been the downfall of so many athletes and their families. Why did he bother to get married 4 years ago and have 3 children only to have affairs? Too much money and not enough common sense.

  18. “Why are you so upset just because I got a couple of girlfriends on the side????”

  19. Actually, this is none of anyone’s business except his wife and him. Well, and law enforcement since she waved a loaded gun at him. Nothing to see here…move along.

  20. Is cheating on your wife now subject to discipline? She showed up at the place with loaded guns and her girl posse to abuse him and his mistress. Not right but no way he gets suspended for this.

  21. She did something criminal, and that immediately made it the business of the state, and a matter of public record. She should go to prison.

  22. Tiger Woods’ wife went after Tiger with a golf club.

    Hell knows no wrath like that of a woman scorned.

  23. Just because it doesn’t happen in YOUR relationship isn’t proof that it doesn’t happen a lot. People are products of their past and current environment. For example, Earl grew up in Orange, Texas where the median income shown by the 2010 census was $29,000. This matter is private and should have stayed private. Shame on TMZ.

  24. “Stuff like this happens” Right, cheating on your wife and then her threatening you with a loaded gun in anger is just some everyday occurance.

  25. She must REALLY love him.

    If my wife cheated on me, I’d say “go get him, he’s yours now.” And never look back.

    But to risk ruining your life over it? That’s true love right there… Or some hideously twisted, perverted version of it, anyway.

  26. Pretty judgmental crowd on here. Are we all shocked and astounded that a pro athlete was cheating?

    It’s lucky no one was hurt, that’s for sure – this could have ended much worse. But a cheating husband and an angry wife – – I’m kind of w ET, that this is his and hers personal business, and leave it there.

  27. “She had taken the magazine out of the gun, but she was unaware of a round in the chamber.”

    Wow, this could have gotten ugly.

  28. I have never (watched? Read? Followed?) TMZ but it seems a lot of people blame them for nothing more than showing us who Americans really are…not through their (reporting?), but the fact that people absolutely devour the garbage they serve up

  29. She’ll walk and he’ll be ordered to go sensitivity training for physically disarming her

  30. “Is cheating on your wife now subject to discipline? Not right but no way he gets suspended for this”

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting Thomas be suspended because of this incident.

    Laugh at him for his own stupidity on the other hand……..

  31. Stuff like this happens, bro. ”
    Yes it does, to idiots who cheat. Stupid, stupid, STUPID.

  32. He and his brother were just holding a secluded workout. This happens with 90% of players, it just doesn’t usually end with a gun to the head.

  33. Television is filled programs that detail all types of real life sordid affairs and fatal attractions and spousal abuse that end up with someone dead. It’s mind boggling how things end up like this. ET is lucky he’s not dead and his wife is fortunate she’s not facing murder charges leaving the children without both their parents. TMZ is what it is…the story was going to be reported whether it was them or another news outlet.

  34. On the next episode of Cheaters……….and I’m not talking about the Patriots.

  35. It’s safe to assume he didn’t flip his wife afterward, like he did his former team.

  36. Earl hadn’t been that scared since he had to tackle Derrick Henry in January.

  37. he also never told team till over 3 and half weeks later. seems the normal for that franchise.

  38. My favorite part is where he say

    We try to live the best lives we possibly can but sometimes it don’t go as planned.

    Now I’m not sayin’ nuttin honey but you know what I’m sayin’?

    BTW, Pete say hey.

  39. Joining the likes of the Lewis trio: Ray/Jamal/Jermaine. Way to go, Earl. Oh, almost forgot.. Ray Rice too.

  40. It is another incidence that supports the statistic that a person is more likely to be shot by his or her own gun than it is for him or her to use it for self protection.

  41. All this time, I thought the Legion of Boom had to do with football. Live and learn, I guess.

  42. The last time I heard somebody say that “stuff like this happens,” he was on the receiving end of an abusive relationship yet kept trying to justify it.

  43. She is not the first spouse to be cheated on nor will she be the last. The fact that she escalated it to deadly weapons, a gun and a knife is a big red flag. Run Earl run.

  44. you know how many people have been killed by an “Empty gun”? Can’t forget the one in the chamber. Thank God this didn’t end in tragedy. And I’m no fan of Earl Thomas, just a human being

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