Telvin Smith pleads not guilty to unlawful sexual contact with a minor

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Former Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith has entered a not guilty plea in response to his arrest on a charge of unlawful sexual contact with a minor.

Smith was arrested and bonded out of jail on May 1 and First Coast News reports that he filed a not guilty plea while waiving his arraignment on the charge. He also waived his right to be present for all pre-trial hearings.

Per the arrest warrant, Smith had sex with an underage girl on multiple occasions at his home and in his car. It also says that DNA from the girl was found in Smith’s car when it was confiscated by police in November.

Smith announced he wouldn’t be playing the 2019 season for the Jaguars last May.

13 responses to “Telvin Smith pleads not guilty to unlawful sexual contact with a minor

  1. From what I heard about this, they found some sort of evidence on her phone that could be hard for him or his lawyer to discount. Sure, he’s innocent until proven guilty but it doesn’t look good for Smith. He may end up spending all his money on lawyers. The problem is now his NFL career is probably out of the question.

    This guy was making tons of money, now this. #smh

  2. Not wise to draw conclusions without all the facts, but sounds consensual, perhaps minor posing as of age? If a minor, where is parental monitoring and guidance?
    Just doesn’t sound like a molestation situation.

  3. I don’t think this even remotely rises to the R Kelly level. Or for that matter on the opposite end of the spectrum, Kellen Winslow Jr.

    I agree with most posters. Let’s let the facts sort this out. This could be any number of scenarios, and some are worse than others. Way worse.

  4. What money, he was only making $2 million a year when he quit and you know he blew through that. He walked away right when his contract was going to $10 million a year. Dude has more than one screw lose.

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