Eight teams have five primetime games, including Bucs, Rams, Patriots

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The Cowboys were expected to have five primetime games. As America’s Team, they traditionally play five night games.

But they’re joined by seven other teams with five primetime appearances.

The Ravens, Packers, Chiefs, Rams, Patriots, 49ers and Buccaneers also play five night games.

The Ravens, having posted the league’s best regular-season record last season, the Chiefs as Super Bowl champions, and the 49ers as NFC champions were expected to have a lot of primetime games.

The Packers weren’t a shock with Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback. Neither were the Bucs after signing Tom Brady.

But the Rams, coming off a 9-7, non-playoff season, and the Patriots, without Brady, were something of a surprise.

The Bucs and Ravens each will play three primetime games in a row.

17 responses to “Eight teams have five primetime games, including Bucs, Rams, Patriots

  1. Christmas and Thanksgiving games should be considered prime time as well.

  2. Three best teams last season- Chiefs, 49ers and Ravens, plus 2 teams with HoF QBs: Packers & Bucs, plus 3 teams that will lose a lot: Cowboys, Rams, and Patriots.

  3. They finished 8 and 8 but you guys act as if they won the super bowl! Popularity does not equal greatness!!!

  4. Saints should get more primetime games this very will might be Drew Brees swan song and the team has won 3 straight Div titles so their games matter a lot.

  5. Not surprising. America can never get enough of Aaron Rodgers and the 13 time World Champions.

  6. The NFL craves TV numbers. That’s why Green Bay is usually selected and desired for prime time. The way things are going, televised games without fans might be it! Cousins will be ecstatic!

  7. Cowboys should get the same number of national games as Detroit – the one they host on Thansgiving day.

  8. NFL awarding the big power owners as well as top playing QB’s Seems like they are always picking on the Saints, LA and Kroenke don’t deserve it, and the Bucs even with Brady don’t deserve 5 night games.

  9. I can see the Cowboys, Chiefs, Ravens, and ’49ers, all having 5 prime time games. They are elite teams. The Bucs, with Brady, will be a big TV draw. They have the talent to be really good team and probably deserve 5 prime time games. The Packers and Rams, maybe 4 max, The Packer are a big TV draw. The Pack may be good, but not elite. The Rams were very disappointing last year, but are now scheduled to play home games in a new glitzy stadium. The Patriots having 5 prime games is surprising to me. The Patriots are in a down year. The Radiers also play in a new stadium and a new city. Drew Brees and the Saints are always fun to watch. I’d consider another prime time game for them for them, since I took games away from the Packers, Rams, and Patriots.

  10. @bigtimewhodat– I totally agree and I am a 49ers fan. I’m figuring that the Saints will get flexed to additional Sunday night and late season Saturday games.

  11. How many does Minnesota have? The over/under on wins for those games is 1.

  12. Rams offense will be improved with three OL back from injury and Cam Akers replacing a gimpy Gurley. So they will once again be a very exciting team. Say what you want, but you’ll all be watching their games.

  13. LOL

    Ok guys, I think it’s well past time to STOP referring to Dallas as “America’s Team”

    America likes a winner. Dallas hasn’t even been relevant since the early 90s!

    The Redskins, Lions, and Cowboys are the only NFC teams who haven’t even made it to a conference championship game this century.
    Let’s see… Prime Time games for the Redskins: 0. Lions: 0. Cowboys: 5. 5! As in the max the league allows because Prime Time exposure is a competitive advantage for any team. Dallas has 6 if you count Thanksgiving.

    But yeah, sure, keep fixing the league to benefit Dallas with preferential scheduling EVERY SINGLE YEAR! NFL is looking more and more like WWE. Hey, how’d that football league for the WWE work out (both times)?

  14. “The Patriots are in a down year”

    Well everyone who follows the 31 other teams are praying that’s the case. I’ll wait and see A) if the games are played and B) what the actual results are.

    And even if it is, a down year for the Pats will be 10-6 still winning the division and a 3 or 4 seed

  15. May 8, 2020 at 1:18 pm
    Green bay sure loves to get humiliated on TV!

    Viking Fan doesn’t recall the 12/23 Christmas Eve-Eve game played at US Bank against the visiting Packers? Why do you think the proliferation of crow-based recipes exploded in Minnesota? They’re still eating it, the entire off-season.


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