First regular-season game in Las Vegas will be simulcast on ABC

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Once upon a time, ABC televised a show called Vegas. More recently, ABC televised Monday Night Football. This year, ABC will televise the first ever Monday night game (and first regular-season game) ever played in Las Vegas.

The Week Two Monday night game between the Saints and Raiders in Las Vegas will be broadcast both by ESPN and ABC. It will be the first Monday night game on ABC since the conclusion of the 2005 season.

The date of the game — September 21, 2020 — also will be the 50th anniversary of the debut of Monday Night Football.

According to ESPN, no other 2020 Monday night games will be simulcast by ABC.

The move comes amid speculation that, in the next round of TV contracts, Monday Night Football will move back to ABC. Whether or not it does, for one Monday in 2020 it will.

21 responses to “First regular-season game in Las Vegas will be simulcast on ABC

  1. The Raiders have to be enjoying a massive infusion of excitement amidst a new beginning. I cannot wait for the season to begin and to see how this changes the NFL. For this 50th Anniversary broadcast of MNF, I would love to see some classic clips from Dandy Don, Howard Cossell, Keith Jackson and Frank Gifford. Those were the golden years of football for me.

  2. Raiders 38
    Saints 17

    Carr 25/35 350 yards 4 tds
    Ruggs 10 rec 150 yards 2 rds
    Winston 17/50 125 yards 2 tds 5 ints

  3. Only complaint about schedule is why do the Cheifs have their bye every year before the Raiders. I guess to be the man you have to beat the man . One Nation ,Raider Nation.

  4. Raiders win on a final play possibly with controversy. Payton loses his mind and Vegas cashes in.

  5. Should have never moved MNF to ESPN. Should have always been ABC. Move it back and watch the ratings sky rocket.

  6. dino2997 says:
    May 7, 2020 at 8:50 pm
    Does anyone want to see the Saints blow out the Raiders?
    I’d rather see the Raiders beat the Saints.

  7. Raiders will dominate 3 quarters of the game and Sean Payton will realize that he hasn’t given Taysom Hill enough touches. Hill goes beast mode in the fourth quarter and Lutz kicks the game winning field goal as time expires.

  8. For those to young to remember, MNF was an event. When Howard, Don, and Frank were in the booth, everyone tuned in like it was a playoff game. Hell, most of the US found out John Lennon had been murdered, because it was announced during a Monday Night Football game. It was really part of the cultural history of the US. Probably the best move the NFL ever made, outside of making Pete Rozelle its commissioner. Now THERE was a guy who knew how to market.

  9. Raiders have a tough schedule but if they can knock off a few early wins and give Carr some confidence they might achieve a playoff game…Single tickets on FB are already 1500 dollars so each game will be sold out and loud! Go Raiders Go CHUCKY , Knock on wood if your with me!

  10. No. I don’t. I’d love to see the presumptively great Saints get totally surprised and the Raiders pull a stunning upset.

  11. All MNF games should be on ABC. People are getting tired of paying for ESPN. All NFL games should be on free TV for all to see.

  12. windham9 says:
    May 8, 2020 at 8:00 am
    All MNF games should be on ABC. People are getting tired of paying for ESPN. All NFL games should be on free TV for all to see.
    …says a “sports” fan who evidently only watches the NFL.

  13. Those young dudes that are slated as starters in the LV defensive backfield are gonna’ get a baptism by fire on national tv when they go up against NO.

  14. Will Booger be in the booth to tell us what this means for the viewers?

  15. Suggested viewing for the ultra thin-skinned Carr…”1979 Raiders March to 42-35 Victory Over Saints”. ABC MNF Classic!!!

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