Goodell: “We will be prepared to make adjustments as necessary”

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The 2020 schedule has been released. With the schedule, the Commissioner has released a statement.

“The release of the NFL schedule is something our fans eagerly anticipate every year, as they look forward with hope and optimism to the season ahead,” Goodell said. “In preparing to play the season as scheduled, we will continue to make our decisions based on the latest medical and public health advice, in compliance with government regulations, and with appropriate safety protocols to protect the health of our fans, players, club and league personnel, and our communities.

“We will be prepared to make adjustments as necessary, as we have during this off-season in safely and efficiently conducting key activities such as free agency, the virtual off-season program, and the 2020 NFL draft.”

PFT has explained that there’s an “extremely small” chance the NFL season won’t happen. The league plans to play all games, and there’s optimism that it will happen in open stadiums. The key will be the availability of adequate testing for the coronavirus, and testing is expecting to be readily available and efficient by the time football season rolls around.

10 responses to “Goodell: “We will be prepared to make adjustments as necessary”

  1. This is the great and powerful commissioner’s way of saying yes, we recognize the LA Rams will probably be garbage this season and will need to change the schedule. 🤣

    Plus, there is that whole Pats thing.

  2. That’ll be great if they can spot test 70,000 people as they walk into the stadium. My concern as a season ticket holder is that they’ll say it’s “pretty safe”. I won’t want to go, and I won’t be able to resell my tickets because nobody else will really want to risk their lives to watch a football game live that they can see on TV.

  3. What is everyone not seeing here……there will be no baseball, basketball, hockey or football season until December or January……this situation is no joke and sports should be the last things in our minds. All states are not opening at the same time which is a logistical nightmare for travel and fair training practices……forget sports for a while…..focus on staying healthy and indoors, isolating, covering our mouths when out etc….nothing else matters if we do not handle the virus first…..economy, sports cannot be fixed as long as the virus is present and ravaging our society.

  4. How long have “they” been saying testing is right around the corner. I know Abbott has been saying that for a month here in Tejas. Still waiting.

  5. The only way to have a season that finishes is to completely isolate the players from society (with their families?) from July to February. 8 cities- preferably in middle America where the virus is less prevalent (n Dakota, s Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma), 4 hotels per city. 1 team per hotel. Use college stadiums for games.

    No fans at the games. Out of the question. It could expose the players and wreck it all. Not a perfect plan but it’s better than any other option I’ve heard.

    Give the players a nice hotel with their families (Kids won’t be going to school anyways) and I bet you most would agree to this. Obviously they all have to be tested well before the quarantine and probably weekly after.

  6. There is a strong chance they hold players out of games for testing positive. That means those players who have yet to get the virus will likely miss 2 games a piece during the season, which means the teams without viable backup QBs will likely be exposed. Now do you think Gutekunst made a mistake in the 1st round of the draft?

  7. Is he still working from his basement? There won’t be a season this year.

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