NFL Network’s schedule-release show will be jam-packed with guests

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As both ESPN and NFL Network plan to televise dueling three-hour schedule-release shows on Thursday night (starting 30 minutes after most if not all teams release their own schedules), here’s hoping that efforts to predict the outcomes of games to be played anywhere from four to more than seven months from now will be kept to a minimum. Because that, frankly, is stupid.

It’s not stupid to load up the show with guests, and that’s what NFLN is doing. The league-owned network will have plenty of coaches and executives, including Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Via John Ourand of Sports Business Journal, NFL Media Senior V.P. of Programming and Production Mark Quenzel has said that a request has been made for an appearance from Belichick’s dog, Nike.

“Coaches are generally conservative people and tend to be guarded,” Quenzel told Ourand. “What the draft showed the coaches is that they can let their guard down a little bit and that’s not going to affect anything when they go onto a football field.”

Other coaches who will appear on NFLN’s broadcast include Chiefs coach Andy Reid, Bucs coach Bruce Arians, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy, Washington coach Ron Rivera, and several more. Executives scheduled to appear include Cowboys owner/G.M. Jerry Jones, 49ers G.M. John Lynch, Broncos G.M. John Elway, and Bills G.M. Brandon Beane.

The top three network play-by-play analysts also will appear on the show: NBC’s Al Michaels, Jim Nantz of CBS, and FOX’s Joe Buck.

ESPN has not yet announced details regarding its own three-hour tour of the schedule. I’ll continue to hold out hope that it won’t primarily consist of talking heads talking about who’s going to win and lose games from September through December. Because that, again, is stupid.

12 responses to “NFL Network’s schedule-release show will be jam-packed with guests

  1. “Because that, again, is stupid”

    Kinda like your vendetta against Aaron Rodgers.

  2. You can say that it’s stupid to predict the results of games, but I and most people I know were able to almost perfectly predict the results of every Viking game last April. I was wrong on three games, with one of them being the final game against the Bears when they sat all their starters. I think you could pretty well predict what the final record will be for most teams. Wouldn’t it be dumber to predict a record without looking at the schedule?

    I guess if you can barely predict 50% of the games correctly three days before they’re played, it does seem pretty amazing to do it in May.

  3. “Because that, frankly, is stupid.”

    Of course it’s stupid. But it’s still fun. Kind of like half of the things we did on Saturday nights in college.

  4. You’ve got to be kidding me! The schedule release is now a 3 hour prime time televised extravaganza? And people actually watch? Unbelievable.

  5. It should be fun. I’ll watch. It sure would be nice to get back to normal but it’s a good idea to be prepared if it doesn’t, somehow.

  6. Great, Belichick with his nothingness coach speak. The guy is more boring than golf on mute. Having him there excites the viewers for sure.

  7. While they are at it, I think they should also announce all the presents that children will be receiving from Santa this Christmas. It would be just as reality based.

  8. Would have watched it, as things are pretty boring these days. However, I will put up with Joe Buck to watch a great game. I will not subject myself to one second of Buck for anything less than that.

  9. I simply don’t get the big deal on a schedule release, we all already know who our team is playing and where, It takes 3 hours to to tell us the dates???

    once I see who we open with and who we play Thanksgiving I’m set

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