NLRB dismisses Russell Okung’s unfair labor practice charge against the NFLPA

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Just before the world turned upside down due to the pandemic, Panthers tackle Russell Okung tried to turn the NFL Players Association on it ear with a claim that the union engaged in unfair labor practices.

Via Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the National Labor Relations Board has dismissed Okung’s charge.

Okung had accused the union’s staff, including executive director DeMaurice Smith, of forcing a vote on the recently-adopted Collective Bargaining Agreement over the objections of the Executive Committee, in violation of the NFLPA’s constitution. The union strongly denied any wrongdoing.

Okung’s retention of lawyer Peter Ginsburg had prompted speculation that Okung would file a lawsuit to block the then-pending vote or to overturn the outcome. No civil action has been filed by Okung, to date.

9 responses to “NLRB dismisses Russell Okung’s unfair labor practice charge against the NFLPA

  1. He’s going to have to sit by himself in the union cafeteria now.

  2. Good. What a mess this would have been if they had found serious enough violations to merit overturning the vote. Hopefully this ends it.

  3. He’s a good player but why would anyone in their right mind on the player’s side want to overturn that deal now?

    They were lucky to get it done before coronavirus hit full force. If that had happened before a deal was signed the players would have gotten much less out of the owners.

  4. The union doesn’t want this opened now because if they do, the NFL will 100000000% require a force majeure clause that would prevent them from having to pay players for canceled games.

  5. This guy is an absolute clown. Why do peeps just try and make as much noise as they can as though that somehow improves a situation? Between this bum and Eric Reid it’s a circus show.

  6. The NFL owners would have been eternally grateful if he had been successful. This virus puts them in a bad position and a chance to revamp their offer to something with protections against a shutdown would be a blessing for them.

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