Report: Chiefs to open repeat bid against Texans on Sept. 10

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One of the highlights of the NFL’s schedule release day is seeing who the defending Super Bowl champions will open against.

The previous year’s Super Bowl winner typically hosts a Thursday night game to kick off the season.

The Royals already had altered their schedule to clear the way for the Chiefs to host a game on Thursday, Sept. 10, though that no longer may be an issue since baseball has yet to begin its season. But the Chiefs indeed will host the opening game on Kickoff Weekend.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans will be the opponent.

The Texans played in Kansas City twice last season. They won 31-24 in the regular season and lost 51-31 in the divisional round, blowing a 24-0 lead.

5 responses to “Report: Chiefs to open repeat bid against Texans on Sept. 10

  1. Blowing a 24-0 lead…. Pretty sure you can hang that loss squarely on the same idiot who traded away a top 3 WR for a bag of peanuts. The Texans might have something, someday, but not until they send that clown to the circus where he belongs.

  2. Chiefs are on an 8 straight drive scoring streak against the Texans. I imagine that streak will extend into this upcoming season.

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