Ron Rivera: The turnaround can be quicker than expected

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After surveying his roster following the draft, new Washington coach Ron Rivera concluded that the rebuilding effort might not take as long as he thought.

Rivera said after the draft that he liked the collection of players he had enough that he sees his team competing sooner than expected.

The turnaround can be a little bit quicker than expected, at least I expected,” Rivera said, via the Washington Post.

Rivera’s team added eight rookie draft picks including defensive end Chase Young, who’s widely expected to be an immediate impact player. So it’s easy to see why Rivera is liking what he sees.

Still, this is a team that is coming off a 3-13 season, and the Vegas odds have them as a 7.5-to-1 long shot to make the playoffs. Rivera is optimistic, but it may take more than a year before his optimism comes to fruition.

14 responses to “Ron Rivera: The turnaround can be quicker than expected

  1. The Redskins have a good chance to turn the ship around with Riveria now at the helm but some of that is also going to fall on Haskin’s shoulders. If he cant turn the corner this year then the Skins will be drafting in the top ten next year where they will be looking to grab Lawrence or Fields. Either way having Riveria as coach of the Redskins is a big plus and a positive for this teams future.

  2. Ron Rivera hasn’t done anything in this league to warrant optimism IMO. He had one of the best talents at the quarterback position who was in his prime years, and Ron FAILED to fully develop that quarterback, and Ron FAILED to protect that quarterback when he should have, and that FAILURE has led to that quarterback (Cam Newton) possibly having a shortened career. That quarterback (Cam Newton) spent more time worrying about his fashion blog than he did about preparing for his opponents, and that is the COACHES fault for not keeping that quarterback focused on football, and the team, and his teammates, and on winning football games not showing up at the press conferences in some goofy clothes and hats. Now Ron moves over to Washington and people are expecting a disciplined football team that is going to challenge for a division title with a bunch of nobody’s? Come on man

  3. This defense will be a lot better than last year! Moving away from a 3 4 to a 4 3 defense fits the personnel much better….

  4. Sounds like the head coach is as delusional as the team’s fans.

  5. I don’t think you can use the words Redskins and expectations in the same conversation.

  6. boyfromoldflorida says:
    May 7, 2020 at 7:26 am
    Sounds like the head coach is as delusional as the team’s fans.

    As someone who grew up around said fanbase…I can assure you this is not possible.

  7. “The turnaround can be a little bit quicker than expected, at least I expected,”

    Is Dan Snyder still the owner? Yes?

    There will be no turnaround, just continued idiocy from the owner which will wash down and offset any good Rivera does

  8. Forget the playoffs as long as the OL remains horrible. THEY NEED TALENT THERE!!! Don’t expect any production until that happens.

  9. Perhaps, if he can get knucklehead Haskins to focus on his job and not his Bently and fashion line, and making murals of himself and Tom Brady based on the one second that he met him!

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