A.J. Green on contract status: Whatever happens is going to happen

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The Bengals have until July 15 to sign A.J. Green to a long-term deal or he will play under the franchise tag.

Green said earlier this offseason that the tag wasn’t the best thing, but added he wouldn’t turn down the $18 million that comes with it. He has yet to sign it, though.

We’ll see,” Green told Geoff Hobson of the team website. “Whatever happens is going to happen. When the time comes, I’ll be in the best shape to play my best ball this year no matter what happens. The best shape of my life.”

Green hasn’t played a game since Dec. 2, 2018. He has played only nine games the past two seasons.

He tore ligaments in his left ankle on the first day of training camp practice last summer, requiring surgery. He practiced only once last season, as a limited participant, before the ankle swelled again.

The Bengals finally placed him on injured reserve late last season.

Green has returned to full health and is medically cleared for football activities, he said.

“Not playing the last year and a half, it’s really zoomed me into being more focused, not taking things for granted,” Green said. “The first seven years it was like, ‘Oh, this is easy. No speed bumps. Making the Pro Bowl every year.’ Then it’s been injury after injury.

“It’s a process of trying to be great. You play this game long enough, you’re going to have these bumps in the road, and you have to keep fighting. That’s where I am. Still fighting. I still love the game. I’m just ready to get back and play.”

5 responses to “A.J. Green on contract status: Whatever happens is going to happen

  1. Whatever he got last year for the fake ankle and then $18,000,000 this year no wonder he is ok however it plays out. If he doesn’t get the $$ he wants he will just fake another injury and Bengals fans will eat it up.

  2. Bengal fans would crowd fund him an extra 10 million to wear a sweatshirt on the sidelines for another year. Sam Bradford is envious of his situation.

  3. Another superstar past his prime looking to get one more mega payout. Not that AJ Green is a annoying player but we the fans have to watch yet another athlete squeeze the last bit of water out of that washcloth.

  4. If the Bengals were competitive last year, AJ would have played. But when the team gives up and starts Finley, no point in playing AJ and jeopardizing his future with the team or trade value.

    AJ brings more to the team than just on the field talent. So yes, most Bengals fans will give AJ a bit more leeway than others, especially when Burrow needs to learn from a pros pro now that Dalton is gone.

    So let’s get him signed to a multi-year deal and roll the dice. The gamble is worth it.

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