Bears G.M. after not picking up Trubisky option: “We believe in Mitch”

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The Bears spoke with their actions, when they decided not to pick up the fifth-year option on quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

But General Manager Ryan Pace said the team hasn’t given up on their former first-rounder, and they hope he’s able to bounce back and earn a contract down the road the way cornerback Kyle Fuller did.

“We’ve always had the approach that we’re honest and we’re truthful with our players and our staff, and we move on and we get to work, . . . ” Pace said on WSCR-AM, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “Mitch gets it. Everyone’s competing. Everyone’s focused on better results. That’s the entire team. That starts with me and everybody.

We believe in Mitch — that doesn’t change. . . . I think you can point to Kyle Fuller as a great example of a player that didn’t get his option exercised. I think we would say it worked out well for him and for us.”

After the Bears didn’t pick up Fuller’s option in 2017, he played out his deal, they put the transition tag on him, and then matched the Packers’ four-year, $56 million deal.

Picking up Trubisky’s option would have put them on the hook for $24.8 million in 2021 — for a guy who will be competing for his job against Nick Foles. That’s obviously too high of a price to pay — despite the fact Pace once gave up four things to move up one spot to draft Trubisky instead of Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson.

So while dangling Fuller’s eventual riches as a possibility, it’s hard to see that repeating itself, or even Trubisky winning the starting job in a competition against a former Super Bowl MVP who was brought in specifically because he’s familiar with the offensive system.

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  1. “Honest and truthful”….just not with your fans.

    You lie through your teeth constantly because you’re one of the classic “I’m the smartest guy in the room” GMs.

    If you’ve proven anything in the last 5 years with ONE winning season and STILL no QB….you’re NOT.

  2. As a Raiders fan and a Lions fan…I know how it is to have a disappointing QB. Stafford has been average at best for 13 years and the Raiders haven’t had a QB in decades.

  3. Fuller hadn’t played well enough to have his 5th year option picked up and neither has Trubisky. Nobody in their right mind would pay $24.6M for Mitch after his body of work.
    And Pace isn’t going to bad mouth Trubisky publicly as that only hurts morale.

  4. Ok Mitch we have all the faith in the world in you as our quarterback but at this time we are going to decline your 5th year option Hopefully this won’t effect your confidence in the organization

  5. If you believed in him, you would have picked it up or extended him. The Chiefs and Texans will not be doing what you’re doing, b/c they didn’t screw up like you did and they genuinely do believe in theirs.

  6. Darn, you brought in an experienced qb in his prime & declined the guys option, that sure doesn’t sound or appear like you believe in him.

  7. Somebody needs to tell him to just not talk about it, even when asked. Handle it like BB does, on to the next topic. Actions speak louder than words as one of the earlier comments stated. Foles is there because Nagy thinks Trubisky is the reason his offense stinks. He will be proven wrong of course because his is not an NFL offense and Trubisky pays the price. As for me, on to next year with a new coach and GM.

  8. Better than being stuck with a glorified 40 million dollar waterboy like Dallas….

  9. Pace has to believe in him because he is the moron who traded up one place for a player that for the most part no other team was going to draft that high. When Pace cuts Mitchell next year he needs to be fired in the same motion.

  10. Bobbybucks says

    “Pace has to believe in him because he is the moron who traded up one place for a player that for the most part no other team was going to draft that high. When Pace cuts Mitchell next year he needs to be fired in the same motion.”

    100% AGREE: Just look @ the college resumes of just Trubisky vs Watson

    Deshaun Watson Mitchell Trubisky

    CFP National Champion (2016) Third-team all ACC (2016)
    Best Male College Athlete ESPY Award (2017) Mr. Football Award Ohio (2012)
    Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award (2016)
    ACC Athlete of the Year (2016, 2017)
    2× Davey O’Brien Award (2015, 2016)
    2× Manning Award (2015, 2016)
    2× Heisman Trophy finalist (2015, 2016)
    Heisman Trophy runner-up (2016)
    ACC Player of the Year (2015)
    ACC Offensive Player of the Year (2015)
    Consensus All-American (2015)
    Second-team All-ACC (2016)
    USA Today

    (Pace) “Wow… we gotta trade up and grab this guy”

    (49rs) “Okay… give us the No. 3 overall pick, a third-round pick (67th overall) and a fourth-round pick (111th overall) in the 2017 draft plus a third-round pick in the 2018 draft.

    (Pace) Okay…


  11. What I mean by Macked is now they actually can contend. The minute Mack arrived the Bears went from worst to first and won the division.

    We miss Khalil every day here in Raider land with our sub .500 team and no QB.

  12. purpleguy, as I said earlier, let’s try saying nothing about it at all. It was a reach and he gave up to much to do so when he probably didn’t have to. He’ll never be able to explain it away, so stop making the hole deeper.

  13. Man, the amount of time people waste on Trubisky and Khalil Mack is unprecedented. The fact that Bears don’t have a franchise QB is nothing new in Chicago. I get that Pace missed, but how many more times are people going to waste energy and time on the poor kid.

  14. JoeToronto. With your two team self why do you troll our Chicago Bears articles I see you comment on just about every article on this site. Is it that your 2 teams suck that bad. it doesn’t make sense to have two favorite NFL teams not alone a 3rd.I’ve always been a Bears fan will always be a Bears fan and that’s the only team I represent in the NFL. I cannot think of any other person who has two favorite NFL teams that’s just nonsense…

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