Deshaun Watson: Bears NEVER ONCE talked to me before 2017 draft

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It seems there isn’t much we agree on these days, but one thing America is united on is this: The Bears blew it in 2017.

Even Bears fans wouldn’t argue that point.

Chicago, of course, could have had Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson and didn’t have to trade up to No. 2 overall to get either one of them. In fact, the Bears likely didn’t need to trade up to get Mitchell Trubisky either, but they did anyway.

Watson now has weighed in on the subject as re-dos of the 2017 draft are everywhere.

“The Bears NEVER ONCE talked to me [before the draft],” Watson wrote on Twitter on Friday night.

The Bears traded for Nick Foles, who could end up being the team’s starter before 2020 ends. Chicago declined the fifth-year option on Trubisky’s contract earlier this week.

Mahomes and Watson will get long-term deals in the near future that will put them among the highest-paid players in NFL history.

35 responses to “Deshaun Watson: Bears NEVER ONCE talked to me before 2017 draft

  1. Foles is already the starter. He is a Super Bowl champion for crying out loud. And miles better than pick-6-ie

  2. As a Bears fan, I know we will be reminded of that draft ad nauseam. Thanks Ryan Pace! This will be a do or die year for him.

  3. If I remember correctly, He never talked to Trubisky either. Trubisky was surprised when his name was called because he had never talked to the Bears. Perhaps, Pace knows nothing about the QB position requirements and does not want to embarrass himself. After all he evaluated Mike Glennon. LOL.

  4. This is why Gruden knew the Mack deal with the Bears was the right one.

    Just Win Baby is easy when your opponent is this GM.

  5. You think Watson wants out of Houston considering their GM is trying his best to rip the team a part?

  6. If you Google the definition of INCOMPETENT, these are the first 2 words to pop up:


  7. Another player still salty for being drafted by the best possible team for him. Ask yourself if you’d be a top 10 QB if you were in Chicago, or any other team not Texans.

  8. Watson is not Mahomes. He’s a by product of DeAndre Hopkins who is no longer on the team. This year will be very interesting to see how Hopkins performs

  9. In a couple of years, this may be the same storyline, but regarding the Packers’ 2020 draft.(Nothing whatsoever against Jordan Love, but as a Viking fan, I gotta hope so:)

  10. Trubisky is proof that pro bowl honors are a joke. How was this guy an MVP favorite over Lamar Jackson again?

  11. Watson himself said on the Rich Eisen Show prior to the 2017 draft that Chicago was one of the teams he’d talked with. The audio is out there and easy to find.

    Either Watson lied then or he’s lying now.

  12. Yes, Bear fans are well aware of this, thank you. Watson is the guy I wanted them to take. Everyone likes to rip them for not taking Mahomes, like they all knew how well he would turn out for KC but as I recall, there was concern he was a system QB at Tech and would have trouble adjusting to the NFL. Watson had the big game college experience and I thought actually excelled in those games and to me that is the closest to being able to tell how a guy will perform in the NFL. Hindsight is always 20/20 but some of us really did want Watson to be the pick in 2017. Water under the bridge now. The main reason Pace should be shown the door after this season – failure to properly evaluate college talent for the draft.

  13. I put Deshaun Watson in the class with Mitch Trubisky, not Patrick Mahomes. The Bears could have had Mahomes. Watson hasn’t done anything. I’m hoping some day Trubisky and Watson become great NFL QB’s, but neither has arrived. There are nine teams that passed on Mahomes. They’re all just as guilty as the Bears. Let’s not put the cart before the horse on Watson.

  14. Okay, they didn’t.

    The Bears screwed, this we know. Anyone should have known that taking a gamble on a QB with only one year starting experience is, 9 times out of 10, a recipe for groans and growing pains at best. But that said, this hindsight criticisms are beyond useless. Nobody who is going to live up to their hype and who isn’t-and the most important thing is that nobody knows if that player would have turned out the same if he went to a different place. Does anyone think that Patrick Mahomes would have thrown 50 touchdowns in his second year if he had gone to Cleveland? Oakland? Or even a good team, like Baltimore? There’s no guarantee he would have been the same player. What about a guy like Vince Young? If he had gone to a place with a better support system, would he have washed out of the league sooner than he should have? Would Carson Palmer have won a Superbowl if he had played for Sean Payton? We don’t know. Same for Deshaun. His teammates, coaches, and environment helped make him who he is today. He perhaps could have been worse, or better.

    The wrong situation can ruin a player just as easily as it make him, regardless of his individual talent. Yeah, he most likely would have been an upgrade over Trubisky, but as likely as that seems, at the end of the day it’s just speculation. What we know is that Watson went to Houston and became a star. Lambasting the Bears four years later is easy, but you never know who is going to work out-more importantly, work out for YOU-and who isn’t. There’s no team who has a draft history full of hits and without any misses. Again, this does not mean that Trubisky was not a questionable pick even then, it just means that we give in to the hindsight critiques way too easily. And for the record, I thought the Trubisky pick-and the trade to get him-was stupid at the time.

  15. Even though the Bears havent had much success of late, and yes the Bears drafted the wrong QB, but it is still a little too much hindsight when it comes to this. No one knew that Mahomes and Watson were going to be “Mahomes and Watson” at that point or they would have been drafted higher than 10th and 12th. Someone would have made a move for them up in the top ten if anyone thought they were that good and can’t miss, and who knows if Trubisky would have gone third if the Bears had passed on him. Still the wrong QB but only sounds as bad because of future knowledge.

  16. Christian Ponder, Mitch Trubisky, Jordan Love? The NFC north head scratchers.

    Lions your in the clock.

  17. I love juxtaposition for pointing out hypocrisy. Drafting 1st round QBs has always been a crap shoot. If I recall there was a question on whether Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf should go #1 overall. Trubisky vs Mahomes seems ludicrous now.

    So, why were so many pundits and fans calling out Belichick for not trading up in the first round for a “franchise” QB? Especially since he found his last franchise QB of 20 years as a 6th round compensatory pick. He chose instead to go with a guy he found in the 4th round and that he has groomed for a year. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t; but, it’s the smart play.

    What am I thinking? Pundits and fans know more than Belichick. That’s absurd.

  18. While Watson looks to be better than Mitch, no one is comparing Watson to Mahomes.

    As a Chiefs fan, everyone thought Mitch was the best QB, Watson’s second and Mahomes 3rd. I was even surprised when KC took Mahomes over Watson.

    Everyone was wrong and it happens every year with at least half of the 1st rounders. Ask Ryan Leaf or the giant QB the raiders took 1st overall. He was so bad I forgot his name.

  19. Come on Mr.Mckaskey, this guy has been the consumate definition of a failure. Pace’s draft record alone has been abismal at best. If the Bears don’t reach the playoffs this year he should go back to New Orleans where he seems to think is his legacy or something. Maybe bringing in a bunch of washed up former Saint’s players will save what has been so-far “Abismal” as a professional GM.

  20. moondog7 says:
    May 9, 2020 at 9:07 am

    Christian Ponder, Mitch Trubisky, Rich Campbell? The NFC north head scratchers.

    Lions you are on the clock?

    You forgot about Joey Harrington so soon?

  21. Also, let’s not forget who the head coach was when Trubisky was drafted, John Fox. Never a friend of QB’s and I don’t even remember the name of the OC. Gase was already gone and then you hand him over to Nagy – a recipe for disaster. So here is a guy that had one year of starting experience in college as opposed to Watson and Mahomes who had at least 2 if not 3. You set him up with dumb and dumber for head coaches and we wonder what went wrong? The McCaskey family doesn’t necessarily have to sell the team but they do need to bring I a football person to run the show, meaning everyone from Ted Phillips on down is let go. Peyton Manning is interested in becoming an owner/ part owner, I wouldn’t mind seeing him come in and run the operation.

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