Jimmy Garoppolo makes New England return on October 25 with 49ers

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The man who once appeared to be the heir apparent to Tom Brady in New England makes his return to face the Patriots, sans Brady, with the San Francisco 49ers this season

Jimmy Garoppolo will play his first game back at Gillette stadium on October 25 against the Patriots.

Garoppolo started two games in place of a suspended Brady in 2016 before an injury knocked him out of the lineup. Midway through the 2017 season, the Patriots made a commitment to Brady by trading Garoppolo to the 49ers for a second round draft pick.

The 49ers have not played the Patriots since 2016 and the October matchup represents the first chance Garoppolo has had to face off against his former team since the trade. But Brady won’t be at quarterback as Jarrett Stidham appears to be the front-runner to take over the job in New England following Brady’s departure to Tampa Bay.

The Patriots commitment to Brady led to another Super Bowl victory to cap the 2017 season, a Super Bowl defeat to end the 2018 season and a 17th AFC East title in the last 19 seasons. Garoppolo helped lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl last season before their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

9 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo makes New England return on October 25 with 49ers

  1. Who do the salty mountain of hate root for – the 6 ringed HC who they all cry is terrible at drafting or the reigning NFC champion QB he drafted? I’m sure they’ll decide after the game.

  2. My money is on BB to completely confuse him, he’s gonna meltdown like Josh Allen did in the playoffs.

  3. When the Pats decided to keep Brady instead of JimmyG (no way to keep both), it was not an unreasonable argument that the may have made a mistake. In retrospect, with 2 more SB rings, anyone who continues with that narrative is an idiot. JimmyG is developing into a fine QB but 28-3 has probably put Brady’s body of work out of reach.

    Best of luck to Both.
    Best of luck to both.

  4. The Patriots would have won the SB last year with Jimmy G at QB.

  5. It’s pretty obvious the QB for either team will not be the hero in this game.

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