Joe Burrow: “We’re waiting to see” about COVID-19 before signing

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Defensive tackle Derrick Brown, the seventh overall choice, became the league’s initial first-round draft pick to sign his rookie deal. He agreed to a fully guaranteed, four-year, $23.621 million contract Friday.

Uncertainty over the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a question of whether some owners might hold onto signing bonus money longer than usual. The Bills, Dolphins, Patriots, Ravens, Texans and Giants have wasted no time in getting deals done with some of their draft choices.

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, as the No. 1 overall choice, will receive the biggest deal among the 255 picks. His signing bonus will be a raise over the $23 million Kyler Murray received a year ago.

It doesn’t sound as if Burrow’s signing will come anytime soon, though.

“We’re just waiting to see what happens over the next three months because we really don’t know,” Burrow said on the Pardon My Take podcast Friday.

Murray signed his rookie deal on May 9, 2019.

Burrow will get his money at some point. He got acclimated with the playbook last weekend during a three-day virtual minicamp. Football is here even if it’s not, and for that, Burrow is grateful.

“[Getting drafted] was more along the lines of relief, you know, ‘I’m glad this is over; let’s finally start to get back to football,'” Burrow said on the podcast. “Instead of talking, we can get back on the field. Hopefully soon.”

10 responses to “Joe Burrow: “We’re waiting to see” about COVID-19 before signing

  1. I think it’s a pipe dream to believe the NFL is going to have a season in 2020. The NBA shut down its season and MLB isn’t playing games. Even if infections slow over the summer and the NFL has training camps and a preseason and starts its regular schedule in September, there is almost surely going to be a second wave more brutal than the first in Oct and Nov and the NFL will have shut it down.

  2. What he means is that his $24M signing bonus will likely be held up until the teams know the games will be played & revenue streams will open up, for them. What he needs to do is say, “pay me the $ signing bonus upon the signing……&…..I’ll sign today. “

    I guess I always thought signing bonus money came soon after the signing of the contract. I guess it doesn’t. It’s just an obligation or guaranteed $ that the players know they will be getting.

  3. Smart man. Make the team commit to paying it soon after signing, or they can wait for his services.

  4. Sorry. I do not like this kid. At all. You got picked. Play. Show you can play at this level. Negotiate.

    Earn it punk.

  5. If the season doesn’t happen, can he come back a free agent and get out of Cincy? You know he’s asked the same question.

  6. I believe he would go back into the 2021 NFL Draft – and probably with the same draft order lol but maybe Trevor Lawrence or Tua would get selected before him due to age

  7. So Cincinnati being notoriously cheap has nothing to do with the situation. Neither does Joe Burrow having a history of ducking out on a team to transfer and play for a team with a shot at winning a Championship.

    Smells like 1983 and John Elway with the Colts part II, only Joe is being polite.

  8. objectivefbfan says:
    May 8, 2020 at 8:47 pm
    Sorry. I do not like this kid. At all. You got picked. Play. Show you can play at this level. Negotiate.

    Earn it punk.
    Yeah. You tell em. Good job. That damn punk kid. Damn him. That punk.

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