Marquise Brown expects to make a “big statement” in second season

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Ravens wide receiver Marquise Brown got off to a good start as a rookie by catching two touchdowns in Baltimore’s Week One rout of the Dolphins and he closed the year with seven catches for 126 yards in a playoff loss to the Titans, but the 2019 first-round pick never felt entirely like himself.

Brown hurt his foot in his final game at Oklahoma and had screws inserted to treat the injury, which left him with a foot that didn’t “feel right” at any point last year. It also left him feeling like he and quarterback Lamar Jackson were never entirely on the same page.

The foot is feeling better and Brown has spent time working with Jackson this offseason. That has him feeling confident he’ll make a “big statement” in his second season.

“I give respect to all the guys who came before, but I don’t think there’s ever been anyone like me,” Brown said, via Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report. “Nobody’s played like me at that size. Because I’m a receiver. They look at the small guys and think I’m just a gadget player. No, I’m a receiver. I can run every route. I know every defense. Guys get to the league, and they want to uphold this image that their way is the best way. I don’t think like that.”

Brown played at 157 pounds last season and told Dunne that he’s planning to be at least 170 pounds as a result of his offseason workouts. The hope in Baltimore will be that the mix of better health, a bigger body and the same speed will lead to a breakout for Brown.

10 responses to “Marquise Brown expects to make a “big statement” in second season

  1. 157 pounds jeez no wonder he disappeared for so many games last year. Had no idea he was that small . Wasted pick. Everybody that small in NFL is constantly hurt unless they are what he called a gadget player. More than 20 plays a game and he is automatically hurt. Book it.

  2. Their high school offense was exposed in the playoffs. Expect a step back this season.

  3. His relationship with Lamar is going to get a lot more complicated if he continues to underachieve. One more indication, long with spending early draft capital on a RB, that Baltimore didn’t learn a lot from their loss in the playoffs.

  4. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    May 8, 2020 at 1:09 pm
    Their high school offense was exposed in the playoffs. Expect a step back this season.

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    If you think you’ve seen this guy post this exact same phrase regardless of the Ravens story, you’re right. I think it’s part of his email signature now at Bitter Southie Industries.

  5. Marvin Harrison came into the league at about 162 lbs as well and had to learn quickly about adding strength and getting off the line of scrimmage, since there was more press coverage then. He had some problems with Harbaugh at QB because he knew Harbaugh couldnt get him the ball but once Peyton Manning joined the team, both players work ethic took over.

    Hopefully Jackson and Brown can stay at it …

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