Report: Bears considering pursuit of Larry Warford

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As expected, Larry Warford quickly has become a highly sought-after free agent. Hours after the Saints released the offensive guard, the Texans expressed interest.

The Bears also are considering pursuing Warford, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports.

They might not have long to consider whether they’re interested.

The Bears signed Germain Ifedi, a first-round choice of the Seahawks in 2016, and he will work at right guard after playing mostly right tackle in Seattle. Chicago also have Rashaad Coward, who started 10 games last season after Kyle Long was injured, and Alex Bars, the former undrafted free agent from Notre Dame, to compete for the job.

Warford, 28, has started 101 regular-season games in seven seasons.

He made the Pro Bowl the past three years after joining the Saints. Warford spent his first four seasons in Detroit after the Lions made him a third-round choice.

17 responses to “Report: Bears considering pursuit of Larry Warford

  1. Sign him… there’s a few roster spots we can use more depth, once we cut like a gazillion Tight Ends!!!

  2. Where are the Jets? There O line last year was awful and they drafted one guy when they need 5.

  3. Signing RG Warford would be the best off season move made by GN Ryan Pace in 2020. All Bears fans should be hoping he does so!

  4. I will be shocked if GM Ryan Pace actually signs RG Warford because he has shown little interest in improving an inept OL with quality players. He keeps trying to make a steak out of hamburger meat.

  5. Best man win s Bear down Now Bar can compet vs Massie this line can be the best in the league this is a young man and the depth will be awesome best 8 men maybe in the NFL .Definitely in the central look out weak Defense in the Central Are Defense is # 1 and are Special teams is number one our offense of line is number one are receiving room pretty doggone good tight end is up in the air. maybe for once we have depth in our quarterback room all at a fair price this year Nagy will be okay.

  6. I remember in that 2013 Draft when my Bears went KyleLong-JonBostic I always said they shouldve instead gone AlecOgletree-LarryWorford

  7. Wish Bears didn’t spend all the money on Jimmy Graham and saved it for a situation like this

  8. Football God says:
    May 9, 2020 at 7:53 am

    Wish Bears didn’t spend all the money on Jimmy Graham and saved it for a situation like this


    Completely agree, Graham better have 8-10 TDs for that kind of money!

  9. Maybe they’ll have a tight end competition this year mirroring the kicker competition last year

  10. What the Bears really should be in pursuit of is a GM that knows what he’s doing.
    Trading Up to draft Trubisky is a double header mistake,.. trading away 2 drafts for a Linebacker that you dedicated 12% of your salary cap is another error.
    Are they competing with Detroit for the irrelevance awards ??

  11. Rick Smith (one of the worst GMs in league history) left the Texans oline in the worst possible shape. A franchise type QB in Watson but only one functional player on the oline in Nick Martin at center. In addition, because of the dumb move to acquire Brock Osweiller and then when that failed, moving up in the draft to get Watson; both moves costing the Texans precious high draft picks, leaving the cupboards bare when O’Brien takes over.

    Yet, in just two offseasons O’Brien has totally (smartly) rebuilt the oline. Tunsil at LT, Martin at Center, two rookies (a 1st and a 2nd rounder) from last year in Howard and Sharping who played well (like rookies at times but well) and now if they get Warford. The Houston Texans might just well have (by mid to late season) the best oline in the NFL and one that should be together for several years.

    Last year Tunsil was traded for just a day or two before the season so no camp with the Texans, the rookies didn’t start until week 5 or so…meaning the new unit has had very little time to work together, and any smart fan knows, the oline needs some time…come mid-late 2020, pay attention to the Texans oline, courtesy of Bill O’Brien (yes, we know the media hates him led by the sniveling socialist Nick Wright (CBS) as O’Brien eviscerated him when Wright was a radio jock in Houston…but they never back up their hates will full facts, or facts at all). O’Brien knows what he’s doing.

  12. If the Bears are signing Warford they most certainly will have to cut some salary.
    The Bears have $9 mil in cap space. Warford is going to want something close to $9 mil/year average over 3 or 4 years with a significant signing bonus.
    There are lots of teams with cap room who could use an Pro Bowl guard.

  13. Are you kidding me? Pace will have to sign him, he played for the Saints didn’t he?

  14. A Pro Bowler is available when all you have now are scrubs. What’s to consider?

  15. I guaruntee you the saints already tried to trade Larry Warford and couldnt get so much as a late pick so im betting Warford will be had for cheap.

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