Doug Marrone: Mike Glennon provides “comfort level” in QB room

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When Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone said the team was considering adding a veteran quarterback last week, many people thought names like Andy Dalton and Cam Newton might be in the mix.

Dalton came off the market quickly and signed with the Cowboys and the Jaguars signed Mike Glennon on Friday with Newton still available. On a conference call after Glennon signed, Marrone said there’s “a comfort level from having a veteran presence” in a quarterback room that features Gardner Minshew as the expected starter in his second NFL system.

Marrone said Glennon’s time in Raiders head coach Jon Gruden’s offense last season also factored into the team’s pursuit because Jay Gruden will be running the offense in Jacksonville.

“There are things that are different, but the philosophy is pretty much the same,” Marrone said, via the team’s website. “I pretty much relied on all the work we did on him coming out and how this guy was going to be able to fit into what we wanted to do and fit into the locker room and quarterback room. I was just looking to be sure we got the best guy for our team.”

Glennon was 6-of-10 for 56 yards and a touchdown in two relief appearances for the Raiders. He didn’t start a game for the Cardinals in 2018 either and his run as the Bears starting quarterback in 2017 ended four games into the three-year, $45 million contract he signed with the team.

15 responses to “Doug Marrone: Mike Glennon provides “comfort level” in QB room

  1. what a weak move , jags are the worst run team in the league , they wont even be bad enough to get trevor lawrence theyll be exactly as medicore as last year.

  2. it that kind of statement that should get Marrone fired sooner instead of later

  3. The only comfort level for Jaguar fans will be when Marrone and Caldwell have cleared out their offices. Should have been fired a while ago.

  4. If he’s comfortable with Glennon then he must be on some really good stuff.

  5. I think Glennon is a decent QB, and bringing in Jay Gruden was a very good move. Gardner Minshew was a 6th round pick who was drafted to compete for a backup, or even a 3rd QB position. Foles got injured, and Minshew, unprepared to take over so soon in his rookie year, shocked the entire NFL. Patrick Mahomes sat out his rookie year. It’s really tough to play QB as a rookie, even if you had been preparing as the starter all through training camp. Minshew was not. What Minshew was able to do, week in and week out was not a fluke. He’ll be much better after he actually learns the position.

  6. What Minshew was able to do, week in and week out was not a fluke.


    Thats why they need a good QB to at least challenge him because week in and out Minshew was towards the bottom of the league in comp %, struggling in the red zone, and fumbling the ball as much as Kyle Allen. He was 6-8 as a starter which isn’t bad and hes an awesome scrambler, but you’ve absolutely got to bring in competition and the Jags idea of competition was Mike Glennon.

  7. Glendon? You got to be kidding. He robbed every team he was on. He should retire very well.

  8. 1st overall pick in 2021, worst QB room in the league.

    Why they didn’t clean house when they fired Coughlin I will never know but don’t be like the Giants and draft a 1st round QB and then fire the coach the following year.

  9. He’s right where he belongs, backing up the mustache

  10. As opposed to the front office where there is no comfort–at least for fans of the Jags. It’s hard to win when your management is similar to the Three Stooges.

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