Brett Favre: “Ridiculous” to say he no-showed for appearances he was paid for

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Former Packers quarterback Brett Favre is in the process of paying back the $1.1 million in misappropriated Mississippi welfare funds, and he continues to defend his innocence in the matter.

During an interview with ESPN Wisconsin  Friday, Favre said he didn’t know the source of the funds, and thought he was being paid for commercials, a PSA he taped which ran in the state and one public appearance.

The payments were uncovered in an audit of the Mississippi welfare system, which showed funds from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program were funneled through the Mississippi Community Education Center. The audit said he was paid for two appearances, and there was no evidence he made either one.

“It’s just ridiculous,” Favre said. “I in no way did anything wrong and wouldn’t do anything wrong or would take any money (this way). I’ve never no-showed anyone as far as speaking engagements or commercials or anything of that nature. That’s ridiculous. And what I would have liked for the tax auditor to do — I don’t know him — would have been for him to contact us and talk about it and express what he had [in terms of] the documents from his investigation. ‘This is what we have.’ Rather than broadcast it everywhere.

“For him to say I took $1.1 million and didn’t show up for speaking engagements is absolutely, 100 percent not true. But yes, we are paying it back.”

He’s given back $500,000 already, and has made arrangements to pay back the remaining $600,000 in installments.

He made clear that he didn’t know the source of the funds.

“I don’t think the investigation is over. I — unknowingly — am caught, not so much in the middle, because there’s a lot more to this investigation that has nothing to do with me,” Favre said. “When you are paid by your employer, do you ask them where the money comes from? That’s the same thing for me. I don’t ask Copper Fit or Wrangler or Nike or any other product that I’ve endorsed, I don’t ask them where the money comes from. That’s ridiculous. And I’ve already paid a portion of it back.

“That’s not me. I mean, I would certainly never do anything like that. And I know the people who know me know that that’s the absolute truth. That being said, we’re going to pay it back.”

Favre’s objection seems to be a semantic one, taking primary offense at the notion that he’d fail to appear. And while he’s right that he’s a small component in this story, since there was massive fraud, there are still plenty of questions to be answered.

22 responses to “Brett Favre: “Ridiculous” to say he no-showed for appearances he was paid for

  1. Favre has a point about the source of the payments, since he was paid by MCEC, a non-profit, not the state.

    But MCEC is knee-deep in this scandal, and to the tune of way more than $1.1M. It’s MCEC that told the auditor what the speaking engagement dates were. It’s an issue for Favre that he and MCEC are claiming the payments were for different things.

    The bigger issue for Favre down the road, as this investigation continues, is that he’s linked to some of the fraudsters in other ways, particularly in connection with a pharma company that he’s invested in, has promoted and that his agent is a Board member of. Favre tried to get the state to entice the company to move from FL to MS, and the head of MCEC used state welfare funds to make a personal investment in the company. That’s all going to take some explaining.

  2. The Favre camp should have been proactive and ask questions after having receiving such a check for nothing…

  3. The auditor can only go by what he sees in the books. Everything will come out eventually.

  4. Assuming he’s telling the truth, it must be nice having so much money that you dont even know where you got a particular 1.1 million dollars from.

  5. Let the internal process continue & see what legal actions result. The biggest reveal here is how the Farve camp never got asked by the audit camp about the funds?

    What other questions does Farve need to answer? He denies he ever was “a no show” and earned the money, in the normal course of his business. He is right that most people do not question the source of the funds that pay them. He really is not legally required to pay it back & immediately did return nearly half of it. The question of why not pay it all back immediately could be asked, or what is the timeline of the return, but that’s about it.

  6. why does he need to go on the installment plan??
    He should have the capability to just send the entire amount back….unless he can’t

  7. The proof that Favre gave the speech or not shouldnt be hard to prove if people were in attendence when he gave it.witnesses who saw him appear, or heard him give it can testify or they can admit he was a no show when they left the building,its not rocket science.the question people are asking is why is Favre taking his sweet time paying back the remaining $600K that he still owes? making payments on money that is a mere drop in the bucket to him is absurd.poor people in the state are depending on that money to be distributed so they can buy food.copperfit will give him an advance on the money if he really needs it all back now Brett,people are counting on you.

  8. Life-long Bears fan and in no way a fanboy of Brett, other than (begrudgingly) respectful of his accomplishments. And I hope he can prove he made the said appearances and did the said PSAs. It’s easy for us getting-by folks to say “how do you not remember what you did to earn $1.1m.? But he has agents that set everything up and I’m sure money is coming from different sources at the same time. Surely he and the dude paying weren’t the only folks present at these appearances (how creepy would THAT be?) and he can verify it. I want to believe him, personally. It’d be horrible to be caught up in a politician moving money around that you had no idea about.

  9. The guy is paying back money he earned with good intentions and is newly found to be victimized with guilt-by-association. He’s wealthy enough to pay back the money without caring or needing to know the “how’s” and “why’s.” I don’t blame him a bit. He didn’t do anything wrong and can help make the world a better place by simply returning the fees. Good move.

  10. Yeah, tearing down the wealthy and famous is always a favorite pastime of all of us. Some almost in a gleeful way.

    I’ve a number of axes to grind with Brett over the years. This ain’t, nor will it ever be, one of them.

  11. Did anyone investigate the auditor to make sure they didn’t make a mistake or does that happen 10 years form now.

  12. Why didn’t he pay it all back ? Easy answer if you own any stocks or have a 401K.
    I am sure that he doesn’t have all his money in a checking account. The $ 1.1 Million in the stock market is probably worth about $ 700,000 today. If repaid it all today it would be like repaying $ 1.5 Million. The current repayment plan seems fair.

  13. When it 1st came out that was the 1st question I had, was Favre ever notified of this before the auditor or the party that hired the auditor went public. I’m not a big fan of Favre but it sounds like someone wanted to embarrass him in a huge way.

  14. First of all, the directors of the Department of Human Services and the MCEC have been indicted on fraud charges. Favre is not facing any criminal charges. The MCEC could be lying about the reason they gave the $1.1M to Favre. After all, it’s part of $94M that has been wasted by the DHS and MCEC. For all we know Favre could be telling the truth. He’s not facing charges so as long as he pays it back I think people should cut him some slack.

  15. Brett Favre is shocked to learn a non-profit paid him $1.1 million and it wasn’t all kosher?

    I blame the hundreds of concussions he’s claimed to have had.

  16. Was there a speaking engagement booked or not? If so, when and where? If it wasn’t booked, then there certainly couldn’t be a “no show’. And if not booked, what did they give him he $ for? If it’s for an engagement, and they haven’t booked a time/place, then again there’s no foul.

  17. arwiv says:
    May 10, 2020 at 8:16 am

    Assuming he’s telling the truth, it must be nice having so much money that you dont even know where you got a particular 1.1 million dollars from.

    —> Were you under the impression Brett Favre was poor?

  18. He may not have knowingly received money from a no-show, but it certainly seems very clear that it happened.

  19. Looking at how other parts of this embezzling went I would guess they probably had him do SOMETHING just so they could meet him. They hired expensive personal trainers and instead of giving public classes had them do private training for themselves and their friends/employees. Wouldn’t be surprising if they came up with some sort of bogus speech or appearance just to get to hang out with him for a while.

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