Colts excited about chip on Xavier Rhodes’ shoulder

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Things went south in a hurry for cornerback Xavier Rhodes over the last couple of years as he went from signing a five-year contract in 2017 to being released by the Vikings in March.

Rhodes signed a one-year deal with the Colts later in the month and called the rapid change in Minnesota a “reality check” as he prepares to move forward with his new team. Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus, who coached Rhodes at the 2013 Pro Bowl, thinks that change has also left a chip on Rhodes’ shoulder that the staff in Indianapolis thinks is a positive.

“I just fell in love with him in terms of his work patterns,” Eberflus said on a Monday conference call. “I was just amazed how the guy could move, how big he is. The guy looks like a big safety and he’s playing corner. He’s a physical, really good tackler. He’s played at a Pro Bowl level and we are excited to get him back to that point. . . . We are excited about where he is. I know we feel that. I know Chris has said this as well, but we feel he has a chip on his shoulder in lieu of the circumstances and we are excited about that.”

Eberflus isn’t the only coach who has worked with Rhodes in the past. Cornerbacks coach Jonathan Gannon and safeties coach Alan Williams both worked in Minnesota and Eberflus said the team “feels great” about the effect that can have on helping Rhodes’ attempt to get back on track.

25 responses to “Colts excited about chip on Xavier Rhodes’ shoulder

  1. Should probably be more concerned about his age. Only the truly greats play past 30 at a high level.

  2. Good luck. One of the most overrated CBs in the league. Not a bad player, but expected to be an A CB every year, and reached A status about one year of his career. Seemed happy to be mediocre most of the time.

  3. Let’s see how excited he is about the tweaked hammy, or the sore ankle, or the finger pointing. He’ll see all of those, after X trails opposing WRs into the end zone.

  4. It’s the end of the Rhode for Xavier. He will never return to the level he was at.

  5. He was a great cornerback but he can’t physically do it anymore. You’re telling me he’s going to be able to cover receivers now because he got a “reality check” from being released? He should have gotten that reality check from getting burned time after time after time.

  6. “The guy looks like a big safety and he’s playing corner.”


    The last two seasons he played like a big safety playing corner. Hence, the release.

  7. Vikings fans NEVER sends grats to ex-players or get happy they signed on elsewhere. Terrible.

  8. He wasn’t the “Xavier” in Minnesota most Vikings fans thought. How quickly they turn on a guy.

  9. There was never an issue in MN with his work ethic or value as a team-mate — he’s a great person. The problem is with a body that size, once injury and age result in a decline in flexibility and speed, he’s no longer suited for CB. He’s now best suited to play safety. Either way, I hope he succeeds fort the Colts.

  10. I wish him well, but if I’m the Colts, I’m not putting him on the opponents’ fastest receiver.

  11. I think this was a great pick up by the Colts. A change of scenery might be just what Xavier needed. He played really well in the playoffs. I wish him well.

  12. Stick a fork in him, never did like watching him at all and didn’t see what all the glory was about or where it came from. Between the burns and the P.I calls, good riddens ya blame baby!

  13. The guy literally never made a play on the ball.
    From watching the Vikings, I can only guess Zimmer teaches trail technique and then swat at the hands.
    Rhodes, Alexander, Wayne’s, Hughes ALL never play the ball. Never seen anything like it.

  14. Yes, these Hiedis are so quick to turn on one of their own players once he’s wearing another uniform.
    I see it every single time. Very sad.
    Forget these Fools. You Go Get’em, X-man!!!

  15. It’s a lot easier to love former players if they’ve left their fan base with a Lombardi Trophy.

  16. vikinghooper says:
    May 11, 2020 at 8:45 pm

    From watching the Vikings, I can only guess Zimmer teaches trail technique and then swat at the hands.
    Rhodes, Alexander, Wayne’s, Hughes ALL never play the ball. Never seen anything like it.


    But, but, but I’ve seen numerous comments about how great Zimmer is at coaching guys up. Hmmm

  17. Colts excited about chip on Xavier Rhodes’ shoulder
    this sounds alot like dopey packer fans talking about Rodgers and the Packers trading up for his backup in the first round.

  18. As a diehard Vikes fan I thank him for most of his career. The last few he got burned…..a lot. Then he would pull up lame as an excuse. Oh my hammy oh my ankle oh my knee. Then came blaming other players. Own it and play. Would of been more respectful

  19. The “chip” on his shoulder goes well with his sore (insert hamstring, knee or ankle here).

    He was good. He hasn’t been for the last 2 years.

  20. He was one my favorite Vikings for a stretch. Guy was awesome, a true shut-down corner when he was at his peak. It was hard to see him fall off so quick the last two years but I wish him the best.

  21. Good luck Xavier, you were a great corner for years. Can still shut down Julio Jones. Stats don’t lie though, pass defenses have gone down and QB rate against him has gone up since signing his big contract. He was one of the few animated players on the Vikings defense. Great value for a 1 year contract for the Colts.

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