Nick Sirianni: Passing offense “runs through” T.Y. Hilton

Getty Images

Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton had a rough 2019 season, but that hasn’t changed the team’s thoughts about Hilton’s place in the offense this year.

Hilton only missed four games in his first seven seasons, but missed six games last year due to a calf injury. That led to career lows in catches and receiving yards without hurting anyone’s impression of his abilities.

Offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni had a conference call on Monday and called Hilton “one of the best big play wideouts in the NFL” and said the “sky’s the limit” for Hilton as long as he’s healthy.

“I expect a great bounce back from a year he had a lot of injuries,” Sirianni said. “I expect the 2018 version of him. If T.Y. stays healthy, there’s no doubt that’s what we’ll see. . . . He’s still the main piece of this offense. T.Y. Hilton is who this pass offense runs through.”

Sirianni said that Hilton was one of the players that quarterback Philip Rivers expressed interest in working with when they talked to him in free agency and said he thinks the combination will be a particularly productive one on deep balls based on Rivers’ past work with the Chargers.