Report: Tom Brady had “deteriorating relationship” with Josh McDaniels

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Talk of friction between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick was widespread during the end of Brady’s tenure in New England. But Brady’s frustration with the coaching staff may have gone beyond the head coach.

Brady also had a deteriorating relationship with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, according to longtime NFL reporter Gary Myers.

The report says that Brady was worn out by McDaniels and wanted more input into the offensive game plan than he was going to have if he stayed in New England.

Although Brady and McDaniels have been seen yelling at each other on the sidelines from time to time, they have both always said publicly that blowups in the heat of the moment were not a reflection on their relationship. That may not have been entirely true. Brady may have been looking for a fresh start with an offensive coordinator whose door is always open to him — and whose neighbor’s door is open to him too.

70 responses to “Report: Tom Brady had “deteriorating relationship” with Josh McDaniels

  1. Whatever, who cares – he moved on. These stories are a ‘nothing sandwich’.

  2. I’d be upset too. McDaniels’ play calling has been mediocre for awhile now.

  3. I really think that 20 years from now all the coaches & TB will look back at the years together with great fondness. Sometimes it’s just time for a change. That’s what we see going on here.

  4. the Hoodie knew that his old QB cant play anymore. NE happy to see him go..

  5. this guy and gase are something else. brady and manning were just as successful without these clowns.

  6. I don’t know if this story is true, but I know I’m not too crazy about McDaniels’s game calling. It’s so easy to predict his calls, it’s ridiculous.

  7. Because they are both primadonnas. I can see them stomping their feet when they don’t get their own way. Will be interesting if the Pats make the playoffs and the Bucs fall flat. Maybe this year will be lesson one in finding out the reason for the Pats success.

  8. Wait you’re telling me that there’s an incredibly stubborn nfl coach? What a breaking story!

  9. I give this story very little credibility. Just add another story to the heap on why Brady left. He’s gone, who cares.

  10. The last time we saw McDaniels operate for an extended time without Brady he drafted Tebow in the first round. I would say the jury is still out on Josh for that reason alone.

  11. Poor Tampa Bay Tommy. He had it so rough in New England with McDaniels and Belichick with all the success they had and records that the offenses set.

  12. You can judge performance as a fan. Maybe even effort. Judging character is a fool’s game.

  13. jurgyisgod says:
    May 11, 2020 at 2:08 pm
    Josh McDaniels is to the Pats as Stuart Sutcliffe was to the Beatles

    He’s more like “Ringo”—as in, 6 SB rings.

  14. McDaniels was smart to pull the plug on Indy after he found out just how damaged Andrew Luck really was. He avoided that whole mess pretty well.

  15. yea the belichick brady relationship always got the attention and how one needed the other but I’m curious if Mcdaniels will sink or swim without Brady. He’s shown his character backing out of a head coaching job…

  16. McDaniels and Brady’s relationship was deteriorating?
    That’s like hearing that Henry Gondorff and Johnny Hooker stopped getting along.

  17. I’ve talked with two of Mac’s John Carroll buddies that are still in contact with him, one being my neighbor. They both tell the same story, he’s difficult to work with. My neighbor says his ego is off the charts, not hard to believe.

  18. Is Tom Brady really the very first person ever to have disagreements with people he has worked with/for over a period of 10-20 years?

    No you say. Then this is a non-story.

  19. Tom is going to look back very fondly on his days with Josh McDaniels once he spends a little time with that clown Byron Leftwich telling him what is what.

    Always be careful what you wish for Tommy.👌

  20. As an outsider, there sure isn’t much positive news about McDaniels. I’d be interested to hear what long time Pats fans think of the guy — by now we’ve pretty much heard all the opinions on Brady.

  21. McDaniels is going to regret passing on head coaching opportunities, because he may not get another one after teams see that it was all Brady that made the offense and team look good. I’m predicting within 3 to 5 years, the whole coaching staff, including Belichick is wiped out.

  22. Brady has become a real diva. He is not going to be what he once was without Belichick and McDaniels making him look good. This could get ugly

  23. McDaniel got three rings … Weis developed Tompa Bray for the first three

  24. Can we stop now…Please…Tom loved Josh, and Tom loved Bill, and Bill and Josh loved Tom. IT WAS TIME FOR TOM TO GO!! Can you just leave it alone

  25. Kinda was hoping this soap opera noise would cease now that they broke up the band

  26. As players start to decline they always find someone to blame. Nobody can beat father time and so many don’t believe it and stick around to long. This is the case with Tom..

  27. The work ethic of BB and McDaniels, and Brady are legendary. As are the attention to all the little details and situational football.

    Brady is going to be in for culture shock when he’s suddenly surrounded by guys who don’t have that work ethic or attention to detail.

  28. Brady also wanted control of the Pat’s draft board and teammates could only call him Mr. Brady.

  29. Just judging by what I’ve both seen, and heard, Josh McDaniels could use an attitude adjustment.

  30. Searching for drama where none exists. Fabre had to be shown the door and then pushed through it when he refused to go on his own. Manning had a one-day PR spat with his former team (a slip that was quickly corrected by both sides). The media is desperate for Brady to do the same. Maybe he really did just want to try something new. I’ve been in my job for 16 years. Every day is a grind of monotony, and I often wonder if the grass is greener elsewhere. Just because the man makes millions doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel like that. If it doesn’t go well, the Tampa years will be an afterthought, like Montana in KC.

  31. Brady is going to be in for culture shock when he’s suddenly surrounded by guys who don’t have that work ethic or attention to detail.

    I believe the Bucs players, especially on offense, have work ethic and pay attention to detail. Kind of hard to be the 3rd ranked offense without both. Hard to believe Brady didn’t vet the Bucs, especially the coaching staff and offensive players before he decided to go there.

  32. Brady knows more about running an offense then McDaniel will ever know. If Tom Brady wants to be a head coach someday I believe he would be excellent. I don’t blame him if he wants to spend more time with his family. I must admit I’m no New England fan but I will really miss Tom Brady when he retires. He is a trained killer on game day because his perpetration is unsurpassed. I can’t wait to see this Tampa Bay team hit the field. If Bill thinks he’s just to plug in and play another QB he has lost his mind. Kraft should have given Brady whatever he wanted and told the coaches to suck it up. He didn’t obviously have the guts. I don’t blame Brady, I blame ownership and management in why the GOAT walked. You just don’t do that. He’s going to have weapons in Tampa Bay he hasn’t had in years in New England. I predict if Brady stays healthy Tampa Bay will go deep in the playoffs if not win it all.

  33. Will be interesting to see how “hot” of a genius coordinator McDaniels looks like without Brady there…

  34. Big pats fan here. Brady wants to win now and not necessarily set the team up for continued success. BB wants to continue to field a team that can compete for the championship. Brady wants the talent to succeed now, BB wants to control it more. I truly wish the best for both sides. 20 yrs is a long time in any sport let alone football. Harder yet with a QB, arguably the most important position on the field, a HC and now throw in a long time OC. It had to be tough at times and I believe the last few years showed it. Brady did not want to be there for OT’s. With the constant turnover of personnel his being there was important for the learning process. Without it the last two years the offense suffered. Throw in at least some decline in Brady’s skills and lets face it, the last 2 seasons were not great for TB stats. I think the Pats have a tough year 7 wins max. I think TB has a much better team than what NE will field, I predict 10 wins at least. Moving forward I think the Pats can reload but will they be able to do it fast enough to satisfy the fan base?

  35. Remember when Brady got called for intentional grounding in the first play of SB 46

    Good times, good times

  36. “I’d be upset too. McDaniels’ play calling has been mediocre for awhile now.”


    True, but on the other hand, they’re all designed to keep Brady upright. Brady doesn’t care about avoiding contact (which isn’t to say that, in-game, he isn’t affected by it, like most QBs), he’d rather make the play. McDaniels and Belichick know, however, that contact to a 35+ year old quarterback is not a recipe for longevity, let alone a 43 year old.

    Now, this is just my opinion, of course, because I am obviously not privvy to the thoughts of anyone in that organization. From Brady’s perspective, he see opportunities denied by McDaniels in favor of “same old, same old” underneath routes and rubs and quick timing and what not, and he’d like to take more chances and be more creative. From McDaniels’ perspective, his quarterback is old and he needs to keep him upright and also work with the limited experience compared to previous seasons. I don’t think it’s all about throwing deep, but should it tell us something that Brady went to the place that has been set up for deep passing the last few years? With great depth at tight end as well (and that was before Gronk’s return)? In Brady’s mind, he has the personnel needed to do what he wants, and no objections to him finally running the offense on his own. We’ll see if that works out, but I think that’s what ultimately attracted him there.

    Again, just my theory based on my observations.

  37. McDaniels will be exposed this year with his pop gun offense. A has been that never was!

  38. Well this should help McDaniels land his next head coaching position..

  39. lifetimefan63 says:
    May 11, 2020 at 5:48 pm

    Big pats fan here. Brady wants to win now and not necessarily set the team up for continued success.

    I guess they weren’t winning now enough in New England.

  40. Brady is going to face plant and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

  41. Does anyone realize that only two teams in the league last year had better ranked offenses than the Bucs offensive coordinator.

  42. footballinla says:
    May 11, 2020 at 2:05 pm
    Colts dodged a bullet with McDaniels.
    Denver didn’t.

  43. Never ceases to amaze me how Belichick, who is a defensive coach and spends most of his time while Brady is on the field coaching the defense and not even looking at the offense, gets so much credit for Brady’s statistical dominance and the offense’s consistent excellence. His teams pre-Brady were mediocre to bad on offense, pretty good to great on defense. In the early years the defenses were good to great and the offense was mediocre to good. By the time Brady was in his prime the offenses were great and the defenses were mostly mediocre (with defensive scoring ranks inflated by how dominant the offenses were). In 2018, both the offense and defense were good. In 2019, the offense was mediocre and the defense was dominant. For the vast majority of the 20-year run, the offense was the driving force behind the Pats’ success. And yet Belichick gets more credit than any coach ever relative to the player in the most influential position in sports. Nobody says Mahomes is a product of Andy Reid. That would make more sense since Reid is an offensive genius and has made a number of QBs look dominant at various times throughout his career.

  44. McDaniels won’t even smell another head coaching job in his lifetime. Front office executives tend to frown on Weasels who pull stunts like he did. Its also nice to know that he was brilliant enough to foresee Luck’s retirement eighteen months after he “reconsidered the Indy job”.

  45. When Josh McDaniels was hired in Denver, my optimistic side hoped he would update the offense and play faster, like Brady’s offenses during his prime. Cutler had a huge arm and needed a good QB coach to unleash it. Instead, McDaniels came to Denver, immediately traded our franchise QB (Cutler), and replaced him with Kyle Orton. Things didn’t go well. Rumors from Broncos staff were he has a massive Napoleon complex and was very difficult to work for. Tom ultimately got tired of him. McDaniels is set to be the new HC of the Patriots within the next few years and Belichick will become the full time GM, so Tom knew he had to leave for things to change.

  46. Gary Myers….lies…upon lies….falsehoods….upon false hoods know why I know this to be true…

    Because he never spoke to either man………….go to the source speak to them both then you have the truth..

    He never did that…..Per Tom Brady and Josh

  47. Tom Brady vehemently denies he had a “deteriorating relationship” with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

    So there you have it…. Tom’s own words……

  48. I miss the 90s, when football was football and we didn’t have every Tom, Dick, and Harry reporter running around like they work for the National Enquirer or US Weekly.

  49. As a head coach, Belichick had a losing record with Cleveland and was FIRED for that. His only success was with Brady. He will likely retire shortly to preclude suffering the same fate moving forward. What a joke.

  50. Someone wanted a Pats fan’s opinion of the Brady situation. I have been a fan for over 40 years and have watched Brady progress from the GOAT to a diva…I think Tampa fans are going to be extremely disappointed in this Brady! He is old and arrogant…still a average to good QB, but he is done and so is Gronk. I am sorry to see it end like this for Brady…he should know better and leave the game in his prime and with class! Best of luck to both – I hope they learn their lesson the easy way

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