Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey are Vegas favorites to lead NFL in rushing

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Giants running back Saquon Barkley and Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey are the co-favorites to lead the NFL in rushing this season.

The over-unders at Caesars Sportsbook pegged both Barkley and McCaffrey at over or under 1,249.5 rushing yards. Those are the highest over-unders on the board. Last year McCaffrey gained 1,387 rushing yards, while Barkley had 1,003 rushing yards despite missing three games.

Next is Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, with an over-under of 1,229.5 rushing yards. Last year Elliott had 1,357 rushing yards.

Last year’s leading rusher, Tennessee’s Derrick Henry, has an over-under of 1,199.5. In 2019 Henry finished with 1,540 rushing yards.

Bengals running back Joe Mixon has an over-under of 1,059.5 yards after rushing for 1,137 yards last year. Vikings running back Dalvin Cook has an over-under of 1,049.5 yards after rushing for 1,135 yards last year.

20 responses to “Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey are Vegas favorites to lead NFL in rushing

  1. If he stays healthy and plays every game, Dalvin Cook will break 1,300 rushing yards no problem.

  2. Dalvin hasn’t proven he can stay healthy and McCaffery isn’t exactly built to take a beating not to mention he’s playing for a rebuilding team. Not sure about either of them.

  3. No Chubb you have got to be kidding me, Chubb 1494 yards rushing I will take some of what you are on

  4. Why Barkley? He needs to be on a better offense with a better Oline to lead the league in rushing.

  5. Which shows you just how important this is. None of those teams will be competing for the Super Bowl.

  6. Another indication that the rushing leader is a meaningless honor. Their respective teams will be terrible.

  7. Cooper Gallup LAMB! …… Zekes Holes will be WIDE OPEN! …… No safety No line backers . . . . so you may rethink this eh.

  8. That means a ton of people will make easy money betting on Nick Chubb thanks to people betting on name recognition and not actual stat lines.

  9. Nick Chubb is not in the conversation? Would have had the rushing title last year except for the play calling the last game. Much better line this year as well. I guess I will bet some money.

  10. Are those totals based on a 16 game season ? Also the over under has nothing to do with who will win rushing title. If they go over/under you win whether they win title or not.

  11. Get the absolute hec outta here with that nonsense. Everyone know Zeke is going to take it. Cowboy fans will tell you Dak is not elite but Zeke on the other hand is the best in the league. You can argue Barkley is a little more athletic , but Zeke has the better line, more solid body build. Gets more yards after contact. Everyone will be focused on Barkley meanwhile Dallas’ offense will sting you from every direction. Zeke will benefit from that. Pick your poison.

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