Washington has no prime time games for first time since 1982

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In the latest reminder that Washington’s days as a premier NFL franchise are long behind it, the NFL schedule has excluded the team from prime time.

Washington plays on Thanksgiving afternoon at Dallas and otherwise plays exclusively on Sunday afternoons. According to the Washington Times, 2020 is the first season since 1982 without Washington playing a single game in prime time.

The 1982 season, when Washington would go on to win the Super Bowl, was a very different time in the NFL: Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football had not yet come along, so prime time games were limited to Mondays. And seven weeks of the season were canceled because of a players’ strike.

Washington still has a chance to get flexed into prime time on a Sunday night, so it’s possible that the prime time streak won’t come to an end. But that will require a surprise improvement that has the team in playoff contention late in the season, something they haven’t seen much of in Washington in recent years.

23 responses to “Washington has no prime time games for first time since 1982

  1. Not surprised its been three decades since the teams glory years. Joe Gibbs/Bobby Beathard aren’t running things any more.

  2. Why should they? Snyder has completely destroyed one of the league’s best teams.

  3. Jack Kent Cooke is turning over in his grave. He’s probably a Ravens fan by now.

  4. The only way Washington has any chance to go to the playoffs, and it’s still a slim one, is for Alex Smith to be the starting QB.

  5. Proof that it takes the NFL 20 years to figure out what the fans already know. Pursuant to the earlier “Cowboys/America’s Team” post.

  6. As a diehard Redskins fan, this is what Danny deserves for his negligence. He ran this franchise into the ground. HE did. Not anyone else. Danny is responsible. I’m a fan so of course I’m optimistic that Ron Rivera could change things here. But we don’t deserve any national exposure right now.

  7. Edward Bennett Williams (not Jack Kent Cooke) was the true genius. Famed trial attorney. Owner of the Orioles and part of the Skins. While jKC was in LA (owning the Lakers) EBW was running the show. JKC swooped in and stole the glory.

  8. The NFL needs to stop this little league mentality that “Everyone gets a prime time game”.
    It hurts their Sunday and Monday night ratings when the game has really bad teams like Jaguars vs Redskins or Bengals vs Dolphins. It also suffers if the matchup is lopsided going in (Chiefs-Lions or Bucs-Redskins). All Sunday and Monday night games should be allowed to flex-in whatever games are the best.

    If we’re really trying improve the NFL, lets get rid of Thursday games. They are rarely good and the teams HATE them due to the short weeks. They are the lowest rated NFL games during the season. Just eliminate them and go back to Fridays are for High Schools, Saturdays are College, Sundays and Monday Nights are for the NFL.

  9. As much as I love to see primetime games as a fan, no player wants to play on a short week. So, good for them I guess?

  10. Thank you, little Danny boy. My how the mighty have fallen under Snyder and Allen…. One down, one to go….

  11. But if it we get rid of Thursday nights, how will we see the Tians play the Jaguars?

  12. They get blown out in every prime time game so maybe this is a good thing for them.

  13. As a kid….I loved watching the Redskins….they were my team and I wanted them to crush the Cowboys everytime the faced eachother. But my gosh do they need a new owner.

  14. Then why are the Giants still getting primetime games? They have won only 12 games…..in the last 3 seasons.

  15. This is the wake up call Mr Snyder needs. It will probably go right over his head though.

  16. Don’t worry, they’ll flex some games for them once the Skins start to Dominate.

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