Arizona allowing major league sports to resume in its state Saturday

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Arizona is open for business, sort of, which could be relevant to the NFL teams residing in California.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced Tuesday the state is letting the stay-at-home order expire Friday. He specifically stated that major league sports, including the the NFL, Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL and Major League Soccer, can resume practicing and playing in the state beginning Saturday, Anne Ryman of the Arizona Republic reports.

Any games played in the state will be played without fans for now.

“This is a green light to proceed. It’s not a green light to speed,” Ducey said, via Ryman.

Ducey’s green light, though, doesn’t open the doors to the Cardinals’ training facility. The NFL unveiled plans for “Phase 1” reopening of facilities last week, with a caveat that all 32 teams must obtain consent from local and statement governmental officials before any of the 32 team facilities can reopen.

The news was more positive in Arizona than it was in California earlier in the day. Los Angeles County’s public health director said that “with all certainty” the county will extend its stay-at-home order through at least July.

The under-construction SoFi Stadium is in Los Angeles County, though the training facilities of the Rams and Chargers are in other counties.

11 responses to “Arizona allowing major league sports to resume in its state Saturday

  1. Los Angeles county really thinks 10 million people are going to stay at home when the Southern California summer weather is in full swing?

    Stock up on popcorn cause this is gonna get interesting.

  2. How does it make sense to make all 32 practice facilities stay closed until they can all be open, then have an NFL season where some teams will be playing in stadiums in other states? If it isn’t fair for one thing, it isn’t fair for the other. And I don’t care about what’s fair. How about keeping all the practice facilities closed until 75% can open, then tell the remaining 25% they’d better make plans in other states?

  3. alwayscheatthecap says:
    May 12, 2020 at 7:29 pm

    Finally a voice of reason.


    AMEN….. I mean DITTO !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Let them control things the way they seem fit with policies and procedures in place with testing, etc., and not be afraid to move forward. Korea has done it, yes I know it’s different, so why can’t we? If you’re afraid, don’t come out of the cave then don’t get paid, period.

  5. Someone mentioned Korea has done it. They have done it with temperature checks, aggressive testing and most importantly ACCESS TO TEST KITS – something that the US government has greatly failed at. Korea is a very progressive country, which has handled this extremely well. The US in this case is trailing the majority of the 1st world countries with any COVID related programs. This is comparing apples to oranges. In fact is it is laughable.

  6. I am all for opening up our economy but there are certain areas that should carefully consider their reopening strategy. Los Angeles County is a COVID-19 hotbed for any number of potential reasons. Currently 56% of all deaths in CA are in LA County. You want to open up San Diego . . . fine. LA . . . not so much.

  7. A state run with common sense. They aren’t fiscally irresponsible and don’t need to hold the Feds hostage to reopen.

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