Drew Lock motivated to prove John Elway right

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When it comes to acquiring quarterbacks, Broncos General Manager John Elway has had one big hit and a lot of misses: Signing Peyton Manning was a success, but the quarterback situation in Denver has been ugly since Manning retired.

Drew Lock aims to change that. Lock told James Palmer of NFL Media that he wants to play well enough this season to remove any doubt that Elway made the right call when drafting him in 2019.

“I know there’s been a lot of talk about the quarterbacks in Denver,” Lock said. “You know, Peyton was the man there, obviously. We’ve had some good ones, and up-and-down [QBs] in there, and I didn’t want to be that for John. I wanted to be a steady guy for him. I wanted to show everybody that they drafted the right quarterback.”

Elway has poured significant resources into building an offense around Lock, which means this could be the year he proves himself the right man to lead the Broncos. If Lock fails, it would be hard to justify Elway keeping the G.M. job long enough to choose the Broncos’ next quarterback.

24 responses to “Drew Lock motivated to prove John Elway right

  1. “Drew Lock motivated to prove John Elway right” – 1,000’s of Bronco fans hope he’s right too.

  2. The kid played pretty good last year. I like his attitude and it seems like he gets it. . cowboys fan here. Don’t care about the broncos. But looks like Denver has themselves a QB finally. Good stuff.

  3. Off topic here: Can Florio, or somebody, tell us when/if Total Access will return to normal with Lindsay and Scott? The fill-ins don’t cut it!

  4. Elway’s future as GM of the Broncos is tied to Lock. He’s got 2 years left on his deal and since SB50, the Broncos are 27-37 with no playoff appearances. The Vance Joseph hire really screwed things up, along with the Paxton Lynch debacle. It’s left the offense with no identity. Once again, Elway is going with “No Plan B” at QB. The backup is career journeyman Jeff Driskel, so there’s no room for error with Lock.

    If Lock succeeds and the Broncos get back to the playoffs, Elway gets resigned. If Lock becomes a bust and the playoff drought continues, Elway will get fired.

  5. so that peyton thing….kind of a no brainer?
    sorry kid, being drafted by elway is the long train to backupville…some never make it…

  6. I hope he does well too. As a Dolphins fan I wanted to draft Lock last season, but they went another route. Wish him the best of luck

  7. It’s a long way up that mountain. A couple years ago everyone was anointing Baker Mayfield after a handful of wins. I’m hopeful, but I haven’t seen anything that looks like John Elway under center.

  8. Don’t understand the criticism Elway gets for not drafting a top flight QB. Many teams fail at this. Simply, not enough to go around. And just because you can play QB, don’t mean you can draft them. Also, has he ever picked a #1 or #2 prospect? Well, good luck with that.

  9. Elway knows what he is doing? Elway is 2-3, a loser’s record in the SBs he has played in. And remember, his QB rating for the 5 SBs he played in is under 55.0 which simply awful.
    As for Lock, just wishing won’t make it happen.

  10. Great quarter back at Mizzou when the chips were not on the line. But when they were he disappeared. We will see if he can change this in the NFL or not.

  11. Yeah because 4 games is the usual standard set to predict how successful an NFL QB is going to be. Stop already the kid played four meaningless games last year that none one cared what the outcome was. His O line stinks and his receivers are mediocre. 3 years from now he will just be another backup on the Raiders roster.

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