Jason Peters says he can play into his 40s

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Free agent offensive tackle Jason Peters remains unsigned well into the offseason, but if any teams think the 38-year-old Peters is getting too old for the job, he’d like to disabuse them of that notion.

Peters won’t turn 40 until after the 2021 season, and he has told friends he can play that long and beyond.

“If Tom Brady can play into his 40s, I can play into my 40s. I feel great,” Peters has told friends, according to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network.

Peters has spent the last 11 years with the Eagles, and there has been talk that he could remain in Philadelphia, although the Eagles — who are in good salary cap shape in 2020 but have a lot of expensive contracts on their books in 2021 — haven’t seemed eager to add to their cap liabilities.

If Peters does sign elsewhere, the Browns, Jets and Broncos have been mentioned as teams with interest. But wherever he goes, he thinks he can play beyond just this year.

42 responses to “Jason Peters says he can play into his 40s

  1. That guy is hurt every other week. He might not be able to finish the 2020 season, much less play into his 40’s.

  2. Translation? Please someone give me a contract because I’m broke.

    Guy is just a shell of his former self… 🤦‍♂️

  3. Howie: Don’t let this turn into Brian Dawkins 2.0! Make it work and get it done!

  4. 10 injuries since 2018. Countless weeks out of action. Of course he can play into his 40’s. How much and for how long is the problem. As a backup, sure. You just cannot rely on Peters to start anymore.

  5. Yeah I’m sure you can, a 21-year-old defensive end will run by you before you even take your first step

  6. Every player feels like they can play into their 40’s. The only star player I can recall that delivered at least one championship after their 40th birthday is Tom Brady. Drew Brees played really well last season at 40 years old, but didn’t get to or win the Super Bowl.

    As long as Peters is willing to take 1 year contracts, he should be a starter somewhere next season. The best fit for Peters would be the Broncos. They seem ready to move from Bolles (they have announced an open competition for Left Tackle during training camp) and they have JuWan James on the right side. If James still isn’t ready, Bolles or Wilkenson can move to RT. Peters would shore up the line and give Denver a real shot to compete for a playoff spot.

  7. Jason Peters is without a doubt a hall of fame left tackle, perhaps even a first ballot hall of fame candidate. That said, these statements sound like a person who has not accepted that he is slowing down and his body is breaking down, which is without a doubt true given his injury history the last three years. Many football players have a hard time accepting that this chapter in their life is coming to an end and they need to do something else, because this is all they have known. Peters undoubtedly would make a great coach. I hope he eventually sees the light and is able to move onto the next stage of his career, where he definitely can be as successful as he was playing football.

  8. I agree and JP should play at the veterans minimum until age 45.
    He can put in some good games, get hurt, come back and play a little more.
    Or he can be a backup.

    He’s only made $110 million, he needs to feed his family,


  9. Howie already has his Dawkins 2.0, his name is Malcom Jenkins. He will regret that.

  10. I don’t like how all of this reflects upon Andre Dillard, and thus Philly spending a #1 on him.

    As a 1st Rounder Dillard OUGHT to be starting this year and IF he’s not then WTH is going on (again) Howie???

  11. Dillard needs to be your starting LT. I would have no problem with bringing back Peters as a back-up/insurance policy, but I don’t see him accepting that. That said, if the Eagles don’t bring him back, they still need to bring in a capable back-up. As much as fans ripped on Halapoulivaati Vaitai, he was very versatile and came up big when he was needed the most. He will be missed more than people think.

  12. Somebody…ANYBODY sign me to a TWO year contract! I’m old and beat up but really just the Phildelphia Eagle fans know that. Hey Tampa Bay, sign me to help out the rookie and also to protect Brady if need be!

  13. He’s still one of the better LTs in the league…when he’s on the field. That second part is the big issue as he’s either missing games or not finishing them.

  14. Yea and when I was 29 I told my buddy I’d still be benching 405 when I was 50….Didn’t quite work out that way

  15. Angel Valle says:
    May 12, 2020 at 3:21 pm

    All nfl games 38 year old tackle no thanks !

    Jackie Slater would like a word…

  16. Broke? Perhaps physically, yes. Financially no. Amazing first thing people think is he must be broke. These guys are doing exactly what they love and can still get paid millions to do it.

  17. He would be great for a team that has a young offensive line who he could help teach how to play like the Dolphins.

  18. Maybe we can get Jason Peters, Greg Hardy, Albert Haynesworth, and Vince Young in a washed-up football player tag team MMA match.

  19. This guy doesn’t practice during the week and he still misses several games the past 3-4 seasons. He’s obviously finished but he still wants to play because he likes to still get paid like a left tackle.

  20. HOF Jackie Slater was still playing at a high level in his 40’s. HOF defensive lineman Howie Long said that even then Slater was rough, tough and nasty. Win, lose or draw opposing linemenvwiil know they’ve been in a fight.

  21. While I agree he’s still one of the better OT’s in the league. It’s a lock that he won’t be able to finish out every game and that’s the best case scenario. He’s also gotten really heavy across the mid section and that coincides with the years he’s been getting hurt. I say this but I’m also a huge fan of his since he was a TE in college and he’s for sure a first ballot hall of famer.

  22. Peters is still a top 10 LT in the NFL. The problem for him is he can’t finish multiple games in any given season. Not too many backups can come off the bench cold and play well; that is why teams aren’t lining up to sign him. The problem with the Eagles is they traded up for Dillard, and he pissed off the coaching staff for his inability (and outspoken problem with) playing at RT when Lane Johnson got hurt. I think they bring Peters back on a 1 year deal; not too sure myself and other Eagles fans would be thrilled about it. They need to see what they have in Dillard, even though Peters is the more proven player.

  23. he’s still better than half the LTs in the league

    Eagles will resign him and they won’t regret it

  24. This puts the Philadelphia franchise in a difficult bind. He’s been a mainstay for them, a workhorse, and now it appears they’re no longer interested. Makes other players wonder what will happen to them when their time comes. After all Jason has done, this is the thanks he gets? This could set the franchise back if they don’t make it right. Not the way to start the season coming off their shaky performance in the recent NFL draft.

  25. Hes played 29 of the last 32 games, sure hes been dinged up but still a good tackle. If Dillard isn’t ready then bringing Peters back is a good move.

  26. Great player who really owns his part of the field when he’s on it. But as they say, the best ability is availability, and it has been several years since you could count on him being there for every snap — lately he’s been off the field for whole games or big parts of games, enough so that the team needs a starter-quality backup LT.

  27. haansel82 says:
    May 12, 2020 at 2:59 pm
    “10 injuries since 2018. Countless weeks out of action.”
    Three games missed since 2018.

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