Owners to push back rules change votes

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Since deciding to less pass interference review to die a quiet death, the NFL doesn’t have a long list of rule changes to vote on.

So they may wait to vote.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the NFL plans to delay voting on any rules changes until a May 28 videoconference.

There was supposed to be a meeting next week at a California resort, but that was changed to a virtual meeting.

They don’t have another scheduled meeting until October, but it seems reasonable that they’d meet at some point — with so many important decisions to make before starting training camps or a season in the middle of a pandemic.

The league’s competition committee has suggested just two rules changes — expansion of defenseless-player protections and closure of the Bill Belichick dead-ball loophole. The Ravens and Chargers have proposed adding a “booth umpire” or a senior technology advisor to officiating crews, but those don’t seem to have much traction at the moment.

3 responses to “Owners to push back rules change votes

  1. Rules that need to be adopted.

    1. All player hair must be secured under helmet or hacked off. At no time should any hair be seen touching jersey or covering player name or covering the player number in any fashion. Player will comply or forfeit game check and be made ineligible to play until compliant. Snake and long hair is a dangerous weapon that could result in blindness to open face helmets of other players. Snake hair in particular can kick up granules on artificial playing surfaces and inflict additional hazards to the eyes of innocent players. At this time such long or braided hair be considered unsportsmanlike and a health risk and should be immediately banned.

    2. Abolish all pass interference rules and allow players to man to man it down the field. If a player cannot catch a ball while being covered, he has no business catching the ball; similarly, an offensive player may push off at will to gain separation just as he is being pushed to prevent him from catching. This rule will happen effective five yards from the line of scrimmage.

    3. Abolish pre-snap penalties that allow free plays. This is a closure of the Green Bay Cheese Cheater loophole that affords them plays and yardage they cannot earn by playing football. Once any player, offensive or defensive, commits a pre-snap penalty, the play is blown dead; should it be determined that the QB is gaming the rules with hard counts, the penalty shall be 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a loss of down. As hard counts are used to gain advantage, this also shall be considered taunting. Two violations of this kind shall result in QB disqualification for the balance of the game.

    4. Players must declare their official position and shall be limited to not playing more than five snaps in a position other than their declared one. A QB, for example, is a passer; he cannot exceed five running plays per game. Should he reach that five, the next run for positive yardage shall be an immediate foul for unsportsmanlike conduct, loss of down, and the penalty enforced from the original line of scrimmage. Player will be disqualified from the balance of the game; if a player is caught doing this a second time in any game during the season, he is disqualified from the active roster and unavailable for any games including playoffs.

  2. How about eliminating the 5-yards and an automatic first down for all the ticky-tack defensive illegal contact calls. The league thrives on these to keep their favorites moving the ball. Manning is sacked on first down, OL holding on 2nd down so he doesn’t get sacked again. It is now 3rd and 27. The defender’s finger brushes the WR’s helmet. They call “illegal use of hands, 5 yards and automatic first down. Make this go away.

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