Raiders agree to terms with Prince Amukamara

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The Raiders have agreed to terms with cornerback Prince Amukamara, NFL Network reports.

The sides still have some t’s to cross and i’s to dot, but they have agreed to overall terms.

Amukamara ranked 16th on PFT’s list of top-25 remaining free agents.

Amukamara, the 19th overall choice of the Giants in 2011, is joining his fourth team. He spent the past three seasons in Chicago.

In 2019, Amukamara made 53 tackles, 10 pass breakups and a forced fumble.

Amukamara, who turns 31 next month, has 10 career interceptions and 78 pass breakups. He has never made the Pro Bowl.

16 responses to “Raiders agree to terms with Prince Amukamara

  1. Still better than Eli Apple.

    Solid veteran presence for all the young guys. Hes had some pretty good production the last few years.

    Raiders defense on paper should be a mile better. We were a great first half defense for almost the entire season then fell apart in the second half of games.

    Guenther has some solid accolades to his name and has run good defenses in Cincy so i wanna give him the benefit of the doubt but this will probably be his last chance to get this thing up and running. Shame we cant get Del Rio back.

  2. Not sure that he has much left but it’s the Raiders. They’re happy to sign anyone with a heartbeat

  3. The Raiders seriously lacked with depth at WR and in the secondary last year and injuries totally killed the playoff push. The Hunter Renfrow rib shot and Josh Jacobs shoulder made the offense less then 1 dimensional. The secondary was shaky going into week 11 and with the Joyner injury, the D was completely exposed. Prince could have been the player away from the post season last year.

  4. He’s still negotiating (Making sure nobody will be able to throw him in the cold tub).

  5. Raiders have a very young secondary. That’s when you wish you had an extra week or two of pre-season. Instead, they might have little or no pre-season. Depending on how things shake out, adding a veteran DB could end up coming in handy.

  6. When the Raiders finish below .500 again this season with they move to another city to see if helps their chances of winning this century?

    They would probably-maybe actually finish above .500 in the CFL.

  7. Oh I see now, try to acquire the Bears departures to try and build a monster defense. I like this move. Now if only the Raiders can get Khalil Mack back and hopefully he brings Hicks, Quinn and Treveathan we might have a chance at actually competing.

  8. The Joyner injury? Dude was healthy all year and blew. Jospeh is the one who was hurt when they were something like 6-4.

  9. If he can stay healthy, it will be a solid pickup. The Raiders secondary needs a solid veteran leader.

  10. When in Chicago, he was aways around the play but seldom made the play. He is to slow to react and he is not what he was all those years ago.

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