Brett Favre wishes he’d have handled Green Bay departure differently

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Make no mistake, Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre still thinks the Packers made a mistake by drafting quarterback Jordan Love.

At the same time, he can acknowledge that the Packers did the right thing by drafting Aaron Rodgers when he was still there, and enough time has passed for him to admit he could have handled it better.

During an interview with ESPN Wisconsin, Favre said then-Packers General Manager Ted Thompson did the right thing in 2005 by picking his eventual replacement, and that he wished he hadn’t announced his retirement in March 2008, setting the stage for his messy departure. It was shortly after an overtime loss to the Giants in the NFC Championship Game, and the emotions of the moment were still burning a little too hot, obviously, and he’d eventually un-retire, want his old job back, only to be dealt to the Jets as the Packers moved on.

If I could go back and do things differently, I certainly would,” Favre said. “When I made the decision to tell Mike McCarthy that I would retire, I was probably a month, month-and-a-half removed [from the season]. It was before the draft. I always make this [comparison] — and maybe it makes sense to me and not to others — but if you think back to when you were in grade school, you couldn’t wait to get out of school for the summer. But by the end of the summer, you were kind of ready to go back to school. And that is kind of the way it was with football. And the older I got, the tougher it got to get re-invigorated and excited about it.

“I would much rather have not said anything and just bought a little time. Of course, everyone knew by that time I couldn’t make up my mind two months removed from the season anyway. We had been down that road before. But I knew, and I have no ill feelings about this, but I knew they were sort of ready to go in a different direction. And at some point you’ve got to make that transition, and Ted felt like that was probably the best time. It turned out to be a great move. And I’d tell Ted that to his face right now.

“It was a great move drafting Aaron Rodgers, and it was a great time to make that transition. And it’s worked out well for them. The jury is out whether or not the same will happen with Jordan and his transition. We will see.”

Favre still thinks taking an eventual quarterback was a mistake for the current Packers, since Rodgers had them a game away from the Super Bowl last season. And if Love becomes for the Packers what Rodgers was, Favre has the right to revisit that opinion later too.

24 responses to “Brett Favre wishes he’d have handled Green Bay departure differently

  1. Does he wish he didn’t lie to the Jets too and stay in games where he couldn’t play costing us the playoffs that year?

  2. does he regret scamming the people of his home state out of a million dollars. and no trying to put it back after you’re caught stealing doesn’t count for squat.

  3. Well that only took 12 years.

    In 2032 I expect a similar retraction from him about the Jordan Love pick.

  4. But Favre never wished to change his game against the Giants for pick 6 which sent Packers home and left fans mourning after midnight.

  5. I miss Favre. He was a great player to watch, all that talent, enthusiasm, and passion. He went through some pretty difficult things in his personal life that played out in a very public forum, but that also made him relatable. He was like an imperfect superhero.


  6. It sure seems to take Brett a long time to come to a reasonable conclusion. Maybe sometime in the distant future we can expect more amazing revelations. The division that he sowed in Packerland was nearly as monumental as the winning legacy that he helped to start there.

  7. Brett handled things badly, but to this day, I blame ESPN. After the death of his father and playoff loss to the Eagles in 2003/04, Chris Mortensen started speculating that Favre would retire and used this story as an offseason gimmick to generate ratings during the offseason. Favre got tired of it year after year but then started to fuel these rumors himself after frustrating playoff losses. Did he mess with ESPN, was their collusion with the network or was the playoff losses just so frustrating that he couldnt help but make threats of retirement ?

    Either way, ESPN milked this drama for all it was worth.

  8. Favre’s made peace with McCarthy, Rodgers, and Ted since so he’s being gentle about it, but it must be pointed out that Mike McCarthy was calling Favre literally EVERY DAY after the 2008 playoffs asking him if he’s going to retire, needling him for an answer, instead of giving him time like the Saints, Pats and every other team has done for their legend QBs. Let’s stop acting like Favre deliberately screwed anyone, the Packers wanted Favre to retire and needled him until he said the magic words “I’m going to retire”, and the second he did they hung up the phone and announced his jersey retirement ceremony before he could even say “…I think”

  9. All’s well that ends well. The relationship between the organization and Favre is great now and Brett’s the guy to replace Bart Starr at the pedestal….

  10. Why is it a mistake to draft another QB for the team? Ewwin Wawgers has been a fragile waife over the past several years and he is not getting any younger. As a business person, it would seem stupid not to have bench strength. I seriously don’t think that Ewwin’s discount double check agent will be a good back up QB.

    As for how Fav-ray left, it took two parties to make that mess. Brett should worry about repaying the money to Mississippi that he didn’t fulfill.

  11. Self-awareness is a good thing — too few NFL players and fans have it. Sure he’s goofy, but I liked Lord Farve when he was with the Pack, liked him when he played for the Vikes, and still like him.

  12. Brett’s thoughts always wonder, so you have to accept it. And yes he messed up that game playoff game against the Giants.
    But more than anyone he’s responsible for rebuilding Lambeau. Was there any other player the networks loved putting on TV than Brett?

  13. Nobody had Love as the #1 pick, nor did they trade up to get Rodgers.
    A joke a day keeps the gloom away! Our Joke’s on You! Oh how delicious it is!

  14. I wish he would have retired for good after the 2009 season. Or maybe shortly before the last drive in the NFC championship game.

  15. The primary difference between Favre and Rodgers is that Favre actually enjoyed playing the game.

    Rodgers does it for the money.

  16. To say that the Packers drafting Rodgers was some sort of front office genius move is revisionist history. Go listen or read anything Andrew Brandt has to say about it, and he should know as he was part of the team that made the move. The reality is every player they wanted had already gone and even when they were on the clock they were still hoping someone would offer a trade to get the pick. So maybe it worked out in the end for them but taking Rodgers was never in the grand plan and to say otherwise is garbage.

  17. Frazier28/7 says:
    May 13, 2020 at 11:58 am
    Nobody had Love as the #1 pick, nor did they trade up to get Rodgers.
    A joke a day keeps the gloom away! Our Joke’s on You! Oh how delicious it is!

    LOL. This, coming from a fan of a team who has developed one single Hall of Fame QB since 1961. In the meantime, zero Super Bowl titles. You’re right … that is indeed, very delicious.

  18. gbbvan says:
    May 13, 2020 at 12:31 pm
    28 Years with 2 QB’s, can any other team match that?
    preceded by 30 years of losing records. Can anyone match that?
    Will be followed by another 30 years of futility….

  19. gbbvan says:
    May 13, 2020 at 12:31 pm
    28 Years with 2 QB’s, can any other team match that?
    Patriots with 8 years of Bledsoe and 20 years of Brady.

  20. He screwed up and he knows it. I’ve been saying that for years. The Packers did not railroad this guy and he’s finally ready to admit it. I like him even more now.

  21. Brett has always been a ready-fire-aim guy — even on the field. It’s what we love about him!

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