David Tepper: “Some amount of fans . . . could possibly be” in stadiums

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Panthers owner David Tepper perhaps didn’t get the memo (literally) encouraging teams to refrain from speculating on potential arrangements for the 2020 season. Appearing Wednesday on CNBC, Tepper speculated on potential arrangements for the 2020 season.

“There should be some amount of fans in the stadiums, depending on what locale and where you are and what the local rules are,” Tepper said. “There could possibly be.”

He added that there should sufficient testing available by the time the season begins, with the goal of ensuring that players are “safe on the field.” Fans, apparently, would also be safe in the stands.

“You won’t be having full stadiums, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fans in the stadium either,” Tepper said.

The NFL hopes that advances in testing and treatment, along with an overall expansion of knowledge as to the coronavirus, will allow for games to be played and stadiums to be opened. The league officially has not acknowledged any other plans or possibilities other than going forward with the season. with fans present.

Tepper’s comments confirm that, beneath the surface, plenty of potential contingencies are being discussed and evaluated.

10 responses to “David Tepper: “Some amount of fans . . . could possibly be” in stadiums

  1. I think its going to end up being only odd seats and odd rows allowed to be used. In seat service only which is going to price a lot of people out of buying concessions. Washroom lines are going to be a problem though.

  2. Even if they use odd seats, people won’t do it. All we have to do is look at people today. Social distancing for some fans is about 2 feet. No masks required. ETC. Does anyone thing their attitude will be any different in a stadium. Maybe one per section with a large megaphone..

  3. You thought Super Bowl tickets were outrageous? Wait till you see the price tag on game tickets to be the only family sitting in section C …..

  4. After a few beers social distancing will be thrown out the door. Games will be played either in full stadiums or no fans at all. Just go to your local grocery store, no social distancing going on a very few even wearing masks.

  5. CONTROL. They are controlling the sheeple. Time to move on from that mentality. This version of the flu isn’t going away. 10,000 starving people a day dying from hunger and they’re worried about the flu? The FLU?

  6. Regardless whether it’s 1/4, 1/2, whatever, has anyone thought about basic things like getting in and out of the stadium? Even at 1/8 capacity, there will still be thousands of people congregating, especially exiting. Are they going to enter/exit by section, maintaining 6 feet between each person???

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