Fletcher Cox has advice for players without home gyms

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Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox is rich, so he can afford a fully stocked home gym.

But even if he didn’t, he knows what he’d do to stay ready at a time when players can’t work out in team facilities (or gyms, period, in many places).

I tell the guys to drive their car to a flat parking spot and push,” Cox said, via Martin Frank of the Delaware News Journal. “I feel that’s a way, push a car. You gotta push somebody [in a real game] for 30-40 seconds [at a time]. That’s a good way to simulate it.”

Now that he’s signed a six-year, $103 million contract, Cox doesn’t have to have to go the automotive route, and he knows he’s fortunate in that way.

“I have an actual gym with just about anything that a gym could have,” Cox said. “I’m able to get there and work out, and do all my normal workouts. I got a place where I can push sleds and pull sleds, and it’s keeping me in shape. So I’m pretty blessed to have that stuff.”

Now, he just has to hope his teammates are able to come back in shape as well.

The way he figures it, where there’s a wheel, there’s a way.

12 responses to “Fletcher Cox has advice for players without home gyms

  1. This dude will blow up to 450lbs once he retires from football and doesn’t actually need to workout. All that expensive gym equipment will just collect dust.

  2. Cox has been a beast since he entered the league. His motor is always running high. The games I have seen, he has been an absolute force. Not surprised that he has made the investment in a full home gym to keep prepared. One of the few who far outperformed his contract, and deserves his extension. I’m guessing Eagles fans are happy to have him onboard for several more years.

  3. Even if you have money right now good luck finding gym equipment. With that said even top paid athletes most don’t have a functional home gym as they typically go to these high end private training studio’s that many are closed right now. This year will definitely be telling when it comes to who is putting the work to stay in shape.

  4. Cox is fun to watch. I’m not an Eagles fan but he’s part of the reason I’ll tune in and enjoy their games.

  5. Fletcher Cox is one of those rare players that is worth his mega contract. The guy is constantly disrupting offenses on about every level.

  6. He can push his own house down the drain in the next couple months because he’s washed up.

  7. I’m just an average Joe, and I have a pretty good home gym. NFL Players make a ton more than me. I’m surprised more of them don’t have home gyms.

  8. I read Dick Butkus book when I was a kid. In it, he described working out in High school or college doing this exact thing. It worked then, it will work now.

  9. There is obviously a lot of people on here that do not watch football at all

  10. Life can be that simple. We all started with socks rolled up and a milk carton taped on the wall. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

    Someone above mentioned ‘we shall see’ as per ‘in shape’. Indeed. Take any disadvantage and own it. Other’s won’t.

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