LeSean McCoy: I’ve been talking to teams and will make right decision

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Running back LeSean McCoy fell out of favor with the Chiefs down the stretch last season, but he was adamant before and after the Super Bowl that he wants to continue playing in the coming years.

McCoy hasn’t signed on with anyone yet, but he said on NFL Network Wednesday that part of the reason for that is that he learned to be choosy after being cut by the Bills last summer. McCoy said he “didn’t have enough time” to fully think through the decision, although it sounds like landing in Kansas City is helping inform his choice for this offseason.

“Now, like I’ve turned some teams down depending on the styles, who they have there, are we winning? I went to the Super Bowl [with] Patrick Mahomes, now I can’t just go to any team,” McCoy said, via NBCSportsPhilly.com. “I’m just waiting, I’ve been talking to teams and I’ll make the right decision.”

When McCoy was in Miami for the Super Bowl, he said he wants to retire as an Eagle and said on Wednesday that he “could see myself there in Philly” this season. There’s been word that the Eagles are in the market for a backfield addition, although Carlos Hyde not McCoy has been mentioned as that potential signing.

7 responses to “LeSean McCoy: I’ve been talking to teams and will make right decision

  1. Probably not gonna happen in Philly. He had costly fumbles in KC and got benched. He still carries the ball with one hand on top of it, away from his body while often times swinging it around wildly. I think we will pass this time. Sanders needs the work. Love McCoy but I’d take Blount back before Shady. We need a between the tackles type.

  2. In other words, “my agent has been calling around and I am hoping they call back”.

  3. why even put yourself through it at this point. find a job in coaching at the high school or college level.

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