Rams unveil new uniforms, finally

Rams new uniforms
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Good news: The Rams have finally unveiled their new uniforms.

Bad news: The Rams have finally unveiled their new uniforms.

As expected, the iconic design on the helmet has been adjusted, with lines and shading and something other than the continuous solid horn dominating the helmet.

The uniforms can be seen at RamsNewLook.com, a destination that potentially will induce a seizure or two with all of the flashing logos and movement.

The new blue in the uniform is dubbed “Rams Royal,” and the new yellow is called “Sol” (yes, Sol) “after the bold sunshine of Southern California and also represents the ‘soul’ of the team.” The white is officially “Bone” (there’s a wisecrack floating around in there regarding the connection between the choice of color name and that prices at the team’s new stadium, but I’ll exercise discretion).

The numbers have been Nikified (they are shaped sort of like the Steelers’ numbers), and the Sol digits on the Rams Royal jersey fade subtly to Bone. Also, there’s a shoulder patch that has “Los Angeles Rams” written on it, apparently to ensure no one thinks they’ve moved back to St. Louis or Cleveland.

The uniform also has three sets of pants, one for each of the three primary colors.

Given the strong negative reaction to the team’s new logos, look for the uniforms to trigger a pushback, too. Which means that the Rams can keep them for a few years and then Nikefy the look a little bit more with the latest iteration of the ensemble.

92 responses to “Rams unveil new uniforms, finally

  1. How did they screw this up? This was so easy. Just open the closet and pull out the old yellow and blue ones.

  2. If they’re gonna make it in LA they need to get better players instead of worrying about uniforms

  3. Not a fan. but this redesign is tasteful and quite striking really. Traditionalists will wail and gnash teeth, but I am not seeing the reason for the backlash. My Chiefs could use a refresh, but again it is a potentially slippery slope. I mean, see Tampa Bay for a how not to.

  4. Don’t know about that all-blue. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: unless its white on white or black on black, matching the color of the pants and the jersey almost never looks good. I’d say that its most of the problem I have with the color rush uniforms

  5. No dog in this hunt as I’m not a Rams fan but I always did like the look of their uniforms, especially the helmets – I was partial to the white and blue myself but the yellow and blue was sharp too. This version sucks ……

  6. They look fine, although blue jerseys on gold pants is easily the best combination. The all-white did nothing for me. Anything is better than the all-yellow color rush uniforms they had.

  7. I like it, especially the ‘bone’ color uniform.
    But if you use the logo on a hat or something, it’s still confusing with ‘C’ for Chargers.

  8. The old solid horn was definitely better but the new helmets are acceptable. The 3D look numbers are gimmicky and look particularly bad on the white jerseys. Those white jerseys are basically generic looking.

  9. I’m not a fan of the Rams so I could give a hoot about the team, but I have to say, I really like these.

    The block numbers, round horn on the shoulder pads, and straight, non-tapered stripe on the pants give them the same “clean” look as classic uniforms (avoiding the plague of Nikefication), but still look sleek and modern. The styling inside the numbers is a nice touch, and the only other team I’ve seen try to do that is Tampa, but it went horribly awry.

    Any uniform change is controversial, especially with an older franchise, but I’d say they nailed it.

  10. It takes the marketing geniuses at Nike to take a truly iconic NFL helmet logo and break it.

  11. I dunno I actually like this new design. The last one was alright but kind of boring. The brighter colors are nice, the font isn’t too weird, and the uniform as a whole isn’t too noisy.

  12. I love the Sol combo, blue jersey with yellow pants. Best combo of all the new team changes this season.

    The helmet styling looks good when it’s on a helmet. By itself, the first thing that comes to mind is the Chargers.

  13. LA Chargers win on the uniforms over the Rams. Rams should have stayed with blue and white. You can tell Nike was involved with the Rams design. Since they took over the uniforms have pretty much went to hell.

  14. These aren’t bad. I wasn’t a huge fan of the new logo, but the helmets are OK. They are still identifiable as the Rams, the colors are nice, and while they do look sort of Charger like, that’s because the Chargers have been going with a darker blue. They need to go back to the pale blues, in my opinion; much more easily identifiable.
    As for the subtle details, that’s just Nike being Nike, meaning stupid. Those things can’t be seen on TV during a game and are inconsequential to most viewers.

  15. I always wonder how it is companies that have unlimited resources and time get stuff like this so unbelievably wrong. Everything about the Rams’ new uniforms are just gross. How did they get it so wrong? How do you spend the time and money on researching and trying different things out and look at this uniform and say “yup, we got it. fire up the production line.”

  16. Rumor has it that the Rams found their new helmets and uniforms in an XFL dumpster.

  17. Nike sure does know how to mess things up!!! Why do the keep going to script numbers?? The block numbers that the Steelers used in the 70’s are the best!! Why did they go to those numbers also? The Lions keep changing theirs also. Just leave it alone!!!

  18. Awful, when will Nike learn that gradient anything NEVER works. It didn’t work on the Jags old helmets, it doesn’t work on the Falcons’s new alternate unis, and it sure doesn’t work here. It was as simple as switching the helmet color to match the blue on the rest of the uni and removing the gold from both the home and away unis, how did they bungle this so badly?

  19. From a distance, they kind of look like the Chargers. I actually liked the white horns. I thought they were brining those back and ditching the gold trim in the uniforms? They screwed this up. Too millennial for me. Nike designers…thumbs down.

  20. I think they look good. Everyone is so quick to hate on a new uniform no matter what it looks like. Its WAY better than those straight up BRUTAL uniforms that the Jags, Bucs and Falcons have been wearing in recent years.

  21. Uh boy, that’s overkill. This is what happens when someone comes up with something new for the sake of coming up with something new. Just because a uniform is old doesn’t mean it isn’t great.

  22. Now if only the Buccaneers would do something with that pirate flag logo.
    The Bucs logo looks like it belongs on the children’s menu at Red Lobster.

  23. Not a fan of the team, but these new uni’s look kinda cool. I like the new helmets, and the color combo of jerseys look good.

  24. Nike screws up everything they mess with, They could mess up a steel ball

  25. I’m surprised that I actually like ’em — except the gray ones which look a bit XFL-ish. Overall, though, good job, designers!

  26. Can someone please tell Nike to go away and never bother football uniforms again?

  27. Pretty sure the Rams and Chargers used the same designers. They share a stadium, a city, and now will show up to games in the same uniforms. Awkward….

  28. They’re OK, I guess. I like the numbers. But overall, they’re kind of plain. I don’t understand the trend toward making gameday unis look more like practice ones (e.g., TEN, JAX, ATL, etc.).

    Saw the Chargers new ones up top. I like those and like the numbers on the helmets. Lots of cool color combos. Not plain.

  29. Nike just destroys the looks of uniforms, especially in college ball.
    Ain’t it the truth! I can no longer turn on a college game and instantly know who’s playing by the uniforms. Someone please explain to me why a school whose colors are orange and white, or scarlet and gold, would want to wear black or white or silver or lead?

  30. So they replaced a ram horn with a Chargers lightning bolt. These are pure garbage.

  31. 6 billion dollar stadium and dollar store uniforms. Ya get what ya pay for.

  32. The blue and yellow with iconic horns are much better than this.

    Those horns were the first logo on a pro football helmet, does that not mean anything to the Rams? It should.

  33. They completely changed one of the classic and best uniforms in the league. it would be like Dallas suddenly putting flames on the Star to “modernize” it. I hate it. I guarantee in 5 years they’ll abandon this and look back on it with embarrassment, just like Tampa Bay.

  34. So now there are 2 NFL teams in LA, playing in the same stadium, colors are blue/yellow/white, with an arching yellow design on the lids. Why not just merge the two teams into one at this point.

  35. That patch on the left shoulder looks like they are preparing us for ads on the jerseys like the NBA is doing now. Sadly, it’s probably going to happen.

  36. WEll, the Rams and their fans are stuck with them for 5 years.

  37. No dog in this fight, but as someone who has seen the Rams play as far back as the ’60s, the new unis ain’t bad…

  38. Not a terrible uni and better than a lot of the other ones out there (Browns i’m looking at you). Still hate what Nike has done to NFL uniforms though.

  39. Vike fan here, but I like the new Rams look. I like the new helmet and the fade from white to yellow on the numbers too.

  40. Seaward says:
    May 13, 2020 at 11:45 am
    Still better than the Browns.


    ….but only if you’re blind

  41. No way around it – Nike has become a purveyor of tacky, gimmicky crap.

  42. Meh. The Blue over Yellow is okay. The other two are not good. Not horrible, but not good. I preferred their Blue and Whites myself.

  43. Jesus, it looks like a soccer uniform complete with the ball on the logo and helmet. Are these the LA Galaxy uniforms?

  44. silentbenstrikesback says:
    May 13, 2020 at 11:43 am
    … My Chiefs could use a refresh, but again it is a potentially slippery slope…
    Your Chiefs unis are perfect, don’t change a thing.

  45. I actually really like the helmet decal.
    The uniforms are a different story though. I think they’d maybe be DECENT with a different number font.

  46. Poor branding all around. First they pick a logo that could just as easily belong to the Chargers, then they put a C on their helmet.

    Predicting the next rebrand within the next 5 years.

  47. The wordmark on the away jersey looks like a graphic designer messed up and didn’t use a transparent image.

  48. I hope to God the Chiefs never change their uniforms. In fact, the red on red is about as awesome as it gets. I’m afraid of how horrendous of a job Nike would do

  49. I have been a loyal reader of this site for I dunno….10 years? I have never once seen a “new uniform” news post where everyone isn’t ripping on the new design….yet inevitably, next season I see hundreds of fans wearing said jerseys. #sadtobearamsfan

  50. I like them. Not sure why everyone hates them. I really like that shade of blue. Its amazing these get hated on but them ugly unis in Seattle are loved lol

  51. So the uniforms that were unveiled here a couple of months ago as “new” have already been replaced? Whatever.

  52. I think they look pretty good. The “new horn” looks way better on the helmet than it does in the new LA logo they rolled out a few weeks back.

  53. Even if they are division rivals, I’ll give credit where it’s due (unless it’s Denver, of course): the Chargers actually did a decent job aesthetically with their new look. Didn’t completely overdue it like the Jags always seem to and kept some classic elements of their look.

  54. E.D is right.. First thing I noticed was the chargers looking bolts on the shoulders and pants.. I remember when the late Al Davis said it was BS that all the teams share the merch sales when teams like the Browns barely sell any outside of Cleveland cuz their jerseys are unappealing to non Browns fans.. Raider jerseys are top 5 every year yet recieve the same amount of money as the team ranked 32! I think Cleveland would change their jerseys and get a logo if every team kept their own Jersey sale income.. Ik the Rams jerseys are better then Cleveland’s but this article reminded me of what Al Davis once said..

  55. So, judging by the video lead-in at the beginning of this article…. the Chargers and Rams are sharing costumes as well as stadiums???

  56. Is it me, or does the Ram horn now look like 2 Crescent Moons facing opposite directions?

  57. grippscribbles says:
    May 13, 2020 at 5:02 pm
    I actually really like the helmet decal.
    The uniforms are a different story though. I think they’d maybe be DECENT with a different number font.


    I agree with both parts!!

  58. If you don’t like these uniforms, you would have disliked ANYTHING they put out. I think they’re awesome, especially the bone white. Haters gonna hate.

  59. Nike and the teams are operating at a less-than-10% “getting it right” factor…
    In 5 years this mess will be replaced by the classic Rams look..

  60. I agree with the guy that said the new Rams helmet looks like 2 bananas now.

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