Rank the new uniforms for 2020


Now that the Rams finally have unveiled their new uniforms, the seven new Nikefications of the NFL officially have been introduced.

So how do the new uniforms rank?

The options are the Rams, Patriots, Falcons, Buccaneers, Colts, Chargers, and Browns. In the comments, put them in order of best to worst.

Here’s mine, if you care. (Or if you don’t.)

1. Chargers.

2. Patriots.

3. Buccaneers

4. Colts.

5. Browns.

6. Falcons.

7. Rams.

Am I right? Am I wrong? Let me know, and let me see your rankings of new uniforms for nearly 25 percent of the league.

37 responses to “Rank the new uniforms for 2020

  1. Have to agree, those Chargers uniforms are pretty slick. Love the old school feel they embrace.

  2. Sure is great to see the Gene Klein look back with the Chargers! Charger Power T-Shirts back yet?

  3. I agree, actually. I would switch the Falcons and Rams, with the Falcons in last, but that’s relatively minor. Both are hideous, but in favor of your list, Florio, the Falcons don’t have a name-tag patch that’s a pathetic attempt at acclimating the viewer to intrusive brand advertising.

  4. New Rams uniforms are definitively the worst of the bunch. They never should have messed with the horn.

  5. Can we just put the Falcons and Rams in a 2 way tie for last place? They’re both honestly so bad that I can’t decide which I dislike more.

  6. I’m just wondering what the Raiders uniforms will look like with the “Super Bowl LV” logo on it.

    As long as it’s silver it won’t spoil the greatest uniforms in all of sports.

  7. Don’t care much for any of these team’s new designs, but I will say the moment we see a “Tide” detergent or “Combos” cheese filled snack advertising patch on a team’s jersey will be a dark day indeed. Man I just can’t get over the prospect of seeing that soccer style crap on NFL jerseys.

  8. 1. Chargers
    2. Falcons
    3. Browns
    4. Rams
    5. Patriots
    6. Colts
    7. Bucs
    32. Dolphins (Please get rid of those awful uniforms and logo!! Stop the embarrassment!)

  9. I think without a doubt the Chargers have the best new uniforms. They are the only winners.

    The rest are lukewarm to down right terrible. Some parts of the other unis are winners while other part are complete losers. The Falcons are the worst of the new unis. At least the Bucs got rid of the those digital clock numbers!

  10. Given the Colts wasn’t really that big a change I put them just above the worse.

    1. Chargers (just on the home uniform alone)
    2. Browns (except for the color rush they look old school)
    3. Bucs
    4. Pats
    5. Colts
    6. Rams, Falcons (They both suck)

  11. The Rams uniforms are so bad I actually believe it is going to affect their play this year…

  12. As a Brown’s fan, please win and I will care about our new uniforms. Rest of the league, you look good. Stay healthy and God bless.

  13. None of the above in any way shape or form. Retain the old and forget about the changes. Money poorly spent.

  14. 1. Chargers
    2. Browns
    3. Bucs
    4. Patriots (They’d be #2 if they simply had silver pants)
    5. Colts (If just in general they’d be higher than Bucs and Pats but since the changes won’t even be noticeable to most people they’re 5. If they added blue pants for the white jerseys they’d be a lot higher)
    6. Rams
    283. Falcons

  15. #7 Rams (similar to the Bucs epic fail the past few years)
    #6 Colts (still kinda ordinary and with no imagination!)
    #5 Chargers (seems like they left a lot of room for improvement)
    #4 Patriots
    #3 Falcons
    #2 Browns
    #1 Bucs (because of the use of color scheme and contrast.)

  16. 1. Chargers. The bolt design always looks good.
    2. Colts*. Just a tweak, but give credit for not breaking what wasn’t broken.
    3. Buccaneers. Better than the alarm clock numbers for sure.
    4. Patriots
    5. Rams
    6. Browns
    7. Falcons

  17. Quite frankly, I don’t like anything the “LA” Chargers have done lately. The uniforms are “fluff” and speak “Hollywood.”

  18. The Pats uniforms are fine except now the silver helmet doesn’t go with the rest of their uniform (which now has no silver). I generally liked all the other new uniforms except for the Falcons, which look like they went to online jersey retailer for a middle school pee wee football uniform

  19. kwjsb says:
    May 14, 2020 at 7:54 am
    If you’re ranking uniforms by improvement there is no contest ..

    BROWNS #1

    18 1 Rate This

    I’m sorry but did you see what the poor Bucs players were forced to wear the past 6 years? If that’s the criteria you want to use then Bucs would be #1 without a question.

  20. Love the Browns and the Colts – sometimes, old school is best. Until Nike figures out how to create the powder blue of Russell, I’m going to be disappointed.

  21. Colts have the best uniforms in football, Oilers second. Chargers get an honorable mention.

  22. At least the Falcons did something different with their uniforms… most people agree that their throwbacks were their best era and they STILL have those to alternate with. They have already said if the helmet rule changes next year they will get red helmets back as well. So while they certainly aren’t perfect, they are still far from horrendous and at least had the stones to try something different in this day and age where every little change prompts an egregious LOL from most of you overly-sensitive, attention-seeking, cellar dwellers.

    Now as for everybody else, the Patriots just used their colour rush uniforms as their primary now, the Colts literally look no different, the Rams, Bucs, Chargers and Browns just reverted back to old uniforms because they screwed up their most recent changes. Wow… how imaginative.

  23. The consensus that the Chargers new uniforms are hands down the best is baffling… They are using three different blues for the uniforms… according to the GM, wasn’t the modification to the brand supposed to ‘simplify’ the colour scheme??? Everyone is going to need to squint to make sure it is the Chargers playing every Sunday with all the different renditions of their colours.

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