Thaddeus Moss chose Washington for one very simple reason

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Washington tight end Thaddeus Moss, the son of Hall of Fame receiver Randy Moss, wasn’t drafted. But several teams wanted the former LSU Tiger.

So why did Thaddeus choose Washington over other interested teams, including the Patriots and Bengals?

In a videoconference with reporters on Wednesday, Moss said that, quite simply, Washington called first.

The younger Moss caught 47 passes for 570 yards in 2019 with LSU. He underwent surgery in late February for a broken bone in his foot, contributing to his slide out of the draft.

The challenge now becomes earning a spot on the 53-man roster, a task that becomes even more challenging with no offseason program and questions galore regarding whether and to what extent teams will have a normal training camp/preseason.

12 responses to “Thaddeus Moss chose Washington for one very simple reason

  1. They called first and they have an opening at TE. Jordan Reed got cut and Vernon Davis retired. It’s a prime chance for him to earn a starting spot.

  2. This guy is another Jordan Reed. He’s talented but there will always be an issue. That’s why he didn’t get drafted.

  3. They may have an opening at tight end but I think I’d rather have Burrow throwing to me the Dwayne Haskins or pats QB Stitlle(?). Perhaps Haskins has progressed this off season and will prove Urban Meyer right that he’s better then Burrow.

  4. Yeah without the injury I was thinking he wouldn’t get drafted.

    That LSU team was loaded so he never got great coverage and did not produce.

    Now he did produce in the biggest games but besides that he was really a non factor even with all the other guys drawing double coverage.

    I hope he does well but not a great prospect at all

  5. Good chance at starting because no viable TE on the roster. Didn’t need daddy to tell him to choose them. May not get start role due to a journeyman but should have considerable playing time. Now the question is can Haskins get the ball to him. Sometimes it’s the QBs fault a receiver/TE career never develops.

  6. Thought he’d try out for the Bengals with his former roommate and teammate in Burrow

  7. He went undrafted because of a foot injury and teams were unable to follow up on his progress due to the Coronavirus. Otherwise, he would have been drafted. That said, he has a lot to prove. Washington is the place to do it, as it is very thin at TE.

  8. I watched his highlight reel. Has nice soft hands, so should be a reliable target. He looks very fluid and athletic. Not like break away speed athletic, but body control, balance, fluidity. The knock on him is that he doesent run clean routes or know the nuances in the passing game. I think with the right coaching he could have a solid career.

  9. LSU fan here. Moss was a great teammate for the team. He constantly came up big at opportune moments. I think he has a real shot of being a productive TE at the NFL level. Think like an Alge Crumpler type player. He doesn’t fit the Kelce model of TE. He is more a thumper still. But his blocking was good and his hands were reliable. On key downs, he constantly came up big. I think he is a steal as an UDFA personally. I’d hoped my Saints would take a look but with drafting a TE in the draft, I realized it may not happen. He has the pedigree and always showed a great attitude. I also liked that he found a way to play through injuries. The foot issue that killed his draft grade. He played through that injury at the end of the season and caught two TDs in the championship game. Clearly not a career type injury to be overly concerned with. Best of luck Moss…once a Tiger always a Tiger!

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