Which NFL players get less credit than they should?

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A meaty topic for Wednesday’s PFT Live draft came to us courtesy of a comment made by Packers running back Aaron Jones to Jac Collinsworth on the question of whether Jones gets enough credit.

“I definitely don’t,” Jones told Collinsworth in an episode of Distanced Training. “But I’m used to it.”

Inspired by the remark, Peter King, Simms, and I drafted the NFL players who don’t get enough credit. A total of nine are named in the attached video, which is my way of trying to get you to watch it.

After you watch it (another way to get you to watch it), react to our picks in the comments, and point out anyone you missed. Feel free to call us stupid, or worse, as long as you watch.

13 responses to “Which NFL players get less credit than they should?

  1. Carson Wentz won 4 games in a row (including a heavy favorite Cowboys team) to clinch their division with all practice squad WRs ect. Wentz carried that team with little to no help and he still gets zero respect!

  2. Tyler Boyd. Money on 3rd down, can work out wide or in the slot, good route runner, good hands. If he played anywhere other than Cincinnati he’d be a star.

  3. Wentz is not good; sorry, but he’s played like 14 games in three years and none of them were “oh my God!” games

  4. Carson Wentz underrated? The best ability is availability.

    He was in the running for MVP before his back-up came in and won the Super Bowl a few years ago. Then Foles goes off and has a bad year. Maybe it’s the system and Wentz is just the overpaid beneficiary of it. Then Josh McCown came into the playoff game and played through a torn hamstring. Keep hoping he plays a full season. Someone in Eagles management had common sense when they drafted Jalen Hurts.

  5. I think the referees affecting Packer victories aren’t getting enough credit.

    -Viking Fan

  6. Chandler Jones. The best pass rusher in the league over the last 5 years, but some people still say “who?” When his name is mentioned.

  7. stellarperformance says:
    May 14, 2020 at 6:36 am
    I think the referees affecting Packer victories aren’t getting enough credit.

    -Viking Fan
    I know you’re saying this mockingly, but it’s true so I gave you a thumbs up lol.

  8. Aaron Jones is correct. Even his own team just drafted his replacement due to lack of faith

  9. Mike Evans tying Randy Moss’s consecutive 1,000 yard seasons to start a career is pretty stellar. But there are many under the radar players playing on terrible teams that make Pro Bowls but not All-Pro.

  10. Definitely Chandler Jones. Most enjoyable pass rusher to watch but he’s on the Cardinals so…

  11. Chandler Jones doesn’t get the credit he deserves because the Cardinals haven’t had a good team since 2015. Winning helps to get recognition for sure.

  12. Ah, the old Cardinal curse…..play in the desert, have a HOF career, hardly anyone recognizes it b/c you’re tucked away in the southwest corner of the country on mostly bad teams..

    Darnell Dockett and Adrian Wilson know it well

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