It’s a landslide, in both directions: Chargers uniforms good, Rams uniforms not

In an age when the needle rarely moves north of 50-50 on any issue, Twitter has spoken loudly and clearly on two questions regarding new uniforms.

Twitter loves the Chargers’ new look, and Twitter does not like the Rams’ new look.

A poll posted last month in the aftermath of the Chargers’ uniform reveal generated 8,765 votes and an overwhelming 86-percent “yes” and 14-percent “no” in response to the question of whether the voters like the new duds. The same poll posted yesterday regarding the Rams’ new look attracted 29,279 votes, with 74.9 percent saying “no.”

Does it matter? As to wins and losses, not really. That said, if the players wearing the Rams’ uniforms agree that the look is less than ideal (former Rams running back Eric Dickerson believes the uniforms look “soft,” it can affect their performance — Simms has pointed that out time and again on PFT Live. More immediately, Angelenos with limited discretionary income may be more likely to lean toward the Chargers than the Rams when picking jerseys or hats or helmets or whatever.

With no other revenue coming in right now, the Rams may end up making not nearly as much as they’d hoped from all the money they spent to redesign uniforms that, frankly, looked fine as they were.

21 responses to “It’s a landslide, in both directions: Chargers uniforms good, Rams uniforms not

  1. I’m old school, I care about how the team plays rather than how it looks.
    The Steelers bumblebee jerseys are atrocious, but if my team won the super bowl I couldn’t care less what they wore.

  2. Uh… Angelinos won’t buy Charger gear cause it looks cool, anymore than they buy tickets to these games because they’re cheap.

    That said- Rams fan my whole life but I won’t buy this garbage and I’ve told my family if they buy this junk for me it’ll get packed in a box. They’re gonna sell a lot of throwbacks.

  3. The Rams are the NFC West 4th place team for the foreseeable future, so they might as well have the uniform to match.

  4. Rams new uniforms aren’t bad but the old ones are so classic. Tough to beat it.

  5. You know it’s been a long time without real sports news if there are multiple articles dedicated to team uniforms. Any player that isn’t going to give 100% because they feel like their uniform is “soft” doesn’t deserve to wear it anyway.

  6. the Rams look like the uniforms that Hollywood creates when they make a movie about football. Like “Any Given Sunday” and every other movie with hideous basic looking garbage.

  7. Charger uniforms are great with lightning bolts over the shoulders and down the legs. Once again best in the NFL.

  8. If the Buccaneers would only do something about that pirate flag logo…looks like the children’s menu at Red lobster.

  9. Rams new helmets are okay because they’re only a slight tweak from the classic ones. But those 3D numbers on the jerseys look dated already today so you can bet they’ll be swapping those in a couple of seasons. The all-white ones look like something that you’d get free for signing up for Pop Warner.

  10. At least three other teams that need an update. Raiders, Colts, Chiefs. Especially the Raiders.

  11. We live in a society where for the most part it’s only the trolls who bother to comment. Hence the much higher number of negative votes. People who have a slight positive opinion aren’t going to bother voting but people who thrive on being jerks just for the sake of being jerks all came out to make their negative opinions known about the Rams’ jerseys.

  12. As a niner fan i have no reason to talk nicely about the Rams, except for the coach’s grandpa.

    But i dont think the Rams new look is bad at all. Like it better than their yellow color rush.

    And honestly I respect it better than Colts or Browns. I have no idea which part the Colts or Browns altered. Not enough to warrant buying the new jersey. Thats for sure.

  13. I don’t get it. I think the blue Rams uniforms are nice, not as nice as the gold and dark blue was, but nice. The Chargers powdered blue reminds me of a baby’s blanket.

  14. And i like it better than when they had a white/blue helmet but a gold/ blue uni.

  15. Not a fan of either but the Raiders and Chiefs do not need to have their uniforms changed. Most teams don’t. Rams uniforms are a classic example of fixing something that isn’t broken.

  16. covid19 says:
    May 14, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    At least three other teams that need an update. Raiders, Colts, Chiefs. Especially the Raiders.
    we all like different things. but the Raiders, Chiefs and Colts look great and should never change … Steelers too

  17. I’m going to guess the marketing people care more about the Rams generating 3 and 1/2 times more responses than winning the jersey popularity contest.

  18. NFL football is about winning the Lombardi trophy, not about looking pretty.
    Count the number of Lombardi’s the Chargers ownership have, and you can tell what is important to them.

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