Jason Kelce: Hard to imagine playing without Jason Peters

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When center Jason Kelce joined the Eagles as a 2011 sixth-round pick, Jason Peters was already in place as the team’s left tackle.

Peters has remained at that spot whenever healthy, so he and Kelce have spent a lot of time on the field and in offensive linemen meetings over the years. They haven’t been sharing any Zoom meetings this offseason with Peters still on the open market as a free agent, although the veteran recently said he’s spoken to the Eagles about a return.

Kelce didn’t share any inside info about the possibility of that happening, but did say it would be strange if Peters didn’t return.

“It is hard to imagine potentially playing without Jason Peters, the personality and the guy that he’s been to this organization, but at some point, it’s going to be the end for all of us,” Kelce said, via NJ.com. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. Again, I’d love to play with the guy again, but obviously this is in the hands of the people who are making important decisions and cap decisions and all these decisions that are way over my head.”

2019 first-rounder Andre Dillard would likely take over for Peters if he’s not back. Kelce said Dillard has “incredible physical abilities” and believes he’d benefit from a full camp if he is going to be in the starting lineup this fall.

7 responses to “Jason Kelce: Hard to imagine playing without Jason Peters

  1. Shouldn’t be that hard to imagine, Peter takes himself out of the game every week, after all.

  2. Peter’s has had a great career with Philly but he is in Darren Sproles territory right now. The Eagles need to younger and cheaper and if they have to take a step back on the offensive line to do it, so be it.

    Sproles played a combined 15 games over his last 3 years and accumulating 240 rushing yards total in that span.

    Belichek never would’ve let him linger way past his expiration date but Sproles was a wasted roster spot the last few years in Philly.

  3. Peters only played half of the games anyway so just think of the half that he didn’t play.

  4. Remember Big V played all the big games that counted in the Super Bowl run. Peters is a phenomenal teammate, consummate professional and always will be an Eagle. That said, I wish he would retire and the Eagles would just hire him as a coach.

  5. greedyjimfromtonhicken says:
    May 14, 2020 at 6:38 pm
    Peters only played half of the games anyway so just think of the half that he didn’t play.
    Peters played in 29 of 32 games the last two seasons.

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