Logan Ryan: Jets make sense, but I’m “completely open for business”

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A report earlier this week indicated the Jets think they are going to land cornerback Logan Ryan on a one-year deal, but Ryan isn’t ready to close his door on other possibilities just yet.

Ryan appeared on NFL Network Thursday and said that the Jets “would make sense” as a New Jersey native who played his college ball at Rutgers. He also said that he’s “completely open for business” as far as receiving offers.

“I’m trying to do what’s best for my family and everything like that,” Ryan said. “There are a lot of rumors out there. I can’t confirm any of it because I’m obviously still not signed yet. So, we’ll see. I obviously want to get a deal done whenever and I’m open to it. We’ll see what happens there.”

The Dolphins have also been mentioned as a suitor for Ryan’s services and Ryan said he’ll announce his decision on Instagram whenever he comes to agreement on a contract.

15 responses to “Logan Ryan: Jets make sense, but I’m “completely open for business”

  1. I can’t blame him for wanting to go to the highest bidder because that’s what’s going to happen. He’s got to feed his family.

  2. The Jets gave him a number. He likes it, but is making his play for more. The Jets, rightly so, aren’t going to up their offer or be played off against another interested team.

  3. Put another way:

    Please — somebody, anybody — offer me a job so I don’t have to sign with the J E T S. Please?

  4. DOUGLAS – I like the patience, get this guy, get Markus Golden and cut Brian winters and get Larry Walford after you cut Brian winters.

  5. The Dolphins are probably not in real play. They have a lot of money tied up with newly signed Byron Jones and Xavien Howard. This is just because he has ties to Coach Flores from being a NE Draft pick.

  6. Any player in his situation, 29 years old and apparently ready to sign a one year contract, should evaluate the team he is signing with in regard to what his one season individual succes is likely to be. The Jets offense was futile last year and left the defense on the field for far to long, and had very little QB pressure. That leaves the CBs on the field for far to large of a part of the game and in coverage for far to long on a play by play basis. That combination will expose even a good CB. The only upside of play for the Jets is that their offense doesn’t generate high point production, so the other team often jumps out to a lead an focuses on burning up clock apposed to throwing down field. But if I was in his shoes I would look for a better one year performance team, even if at a lower one year salary. If he goes to a team that has a strong pass rush and where he isn’t, by far, the best CB on the defense, then he should appreciate more success in 2020 (assuming games are played). That will lead to a much better pay day come the 2021 free agent market . . . which will most likely be his last opportunity to sign a big multiyear FA contract. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish here, sign with a team that presents the right opportunity and not necessarially the team that will give you the biggest one year deal.

  7. Pull the offer Jets. He is not motivated to play for you. Oh, wait, what am I saying. In that case go ahead and bring him on. It’s perfect for you!

  8. Despite the “futile” offense the Jets defense was only on the field one play more per game than the average, conceded 5.0 ypp (5th) and gave up a score on 34.4% of drives (10th). There’d be worse places to go.

  9. Unless Miami is looking to dump X and Logan Ryan doesnt want to get paid, he should avoid coming to Miami.

  10. Is he really taking his time to decide? I mean who will want to go 2 D jets and Gase? What there is to think about!!

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