Matt Stafford admits viral math video was fake

Getty Images

Lions quarterback Matt Stafford got plenty of attention last month for a viral video that purported to show he’s a math wizard. Today he admitted he is not.

Stafford told reporters today that the whole thing was a put-on between himself and former teammate T.J. Lang.

“I can’t believe you guys fell for the math trick,” Stafford said, via Michael Rothstein of ESPN.

Plenty of media outlets did fall for it. ESPN ran it under the headline, “Matthew Stafford is a math wizard.”

But he’s not. Stafford said Lang texted him before the two filmed the video and told him he was going to ask him to solve 9,758×618 in his head, and that Stafford should pretend to think for a second before giving the correct answer, 6,030,444.

Stafford sold it well. He’s better at acting than he is at math.