Mike Zimmer enjoys quarantining with his co-defensive coordinator

Getty Images

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer’s able to have a bit more time for staff meetings than other coaches, since he’s sheltering in place with his co-defensive coordinator.

Of course, that assistant coach is also his son Adam, which makes it easier, since they’re staying on the family’s 160-acre ranch in Kentucky.

But it definitely comes in handy in terms of both Xs and Os and technical support, having a 36-year-old co-worker on hand.

“If I can’t get it figured out, I can text him and say, ‘Come up here and fix this,’” Zimmer said, via the Associated Press. “At night, after dinner or something, we’ll sit down and have some crazy idea and we’ll say, ‘OK, we can talk about it tomorrow with the rest of the defensive coaches,’ but it’s been good.”

The two can enjoy the outdoors and the farm life there, as the elder Zimmer can jump on his tractor and work the fields, or Adam can take a few swings on the golf hole they’ve installed there.

“I can go get on the four-wheeler, on the tractor, go fishing and shoot guns, or whatever I want to do. So it’s not like I’m totally quarantined, even though I am, but I really miss being around the players,” Mike Zimmer said. “They’re probably going to get an extra dose of me when they get back.”

Of course, no one knows when exactly that’s going to be, but whenever it does, there’s no excuse for the Vikings head coach and co-coordinator to not be on the same page.