New Texans defensive coordinator knows Chiefs are a challenge

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Giving up 51 points to the Chiefs in the playoffs may have helped Anthony Weaver get a new job.

So the new Texans defensive coordinator knows he has a significant challenge opening up with the Chiefs again.

Weaver was promoted from defensive line coach this offseason, shaking things up as longtime assistant Romeo Crennel moved into an advisory role. It’s hard to blame Crennel alone for turning a 24-0 lead to a 51-31 loss, as the Texans collapsed on both sides of the ball.

That was obviously a tough day,” Weaver said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “We were on the highest of highs, and we couldn’t have crashed on that roller coaster fast enough. We have to be a resilient football team. There’s ebbs and flows to every football game, and we can’t ride those waves. We’ve got to stay consistent throughout and trust in our ability and trust that we’ll be able to stop any hemorrhaging.

“I’m not a guy that’s going to get too riled up on the sidelines and scream. I’m going to stay in the moment, I’m going to stay locked in, and I think our players will be a reflection of that.”

He doesn’t have much time to get acclimated to his new job, as the Texans open the season as the opponent for the Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration, and then they have to turn around and play the Ravens (who beat them 41-7 last season).

“It’s an opportunity for us to put our defense out there and showcase it to the entire world and show them what we’re going to be,” Weaver said. “I’m sure having to play those guys in those first two games will be a little bit of extra added motivation going into camp.”

The Texans might have motivation, but they change much of the personnel. They lost nose tackle D.J. Reader to the Bengals in free agency, and cut safety Tashaun Gipson, and didn’t make significant additions. That puts a lot of pressure on J.J. Watt to return to form after missing half of last season with a torn pectoral, and also on Weaver himself in his new job.

12 responses to “New Texans defensive coordinator knows Chiefs are a challenge

  1. Superbowl champ followed by 14-2 team with the reigning MVP. Would be interested to know if there was ever a more brutal start to the season than that.

  2. Houston could very easily start the season 0-4. Their easiest opponent will be at Pittsburgh in week 3.

  3. People forget the Texans beat the Chiefs in KC during the 2019 regular season, and had a 24-0 lead in the playoffs, also in KC. If not for DeShaun Watson playing air guitar on the sidelines in the 1st quarter thinking the game was over and Mahomes showing true leadership (exactly what Weaver was talking about it not getting too high or too low)…and then when the tables turned, Mahomes stayed focused and Watson sulked on the bench…aside from Watson not having near the maturity or leadership skills as Mahomes, the Texans have proven they can play with the Chiefs.

  4. Well, on the plus side they’ll only have to face the Chiefs once because I see no way the Texans make it back to the playoffs this year. Weaver likely gets fired for no reason around Week 8 as O’Brien frantically looks for scapegoats though the designated play caller Tim Kelly is probably on the hottest seat. Because nothing there is ever O’Brien’s fault.

  5. I predict they will have to bring Romeo out of advisory role fairly early in the season…

  6. The defense collapsed, but the defense also didn’t settle for a field goal before half-time instead of putting the game away. So putting it all on them (not saying that the article did so) is not necessarily accurate.

  7. Lucky for the Texans the Chiefs played poorly in the 1st quarter of the playoff game. Imagine what the score could have been…

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