NFL expects to provide guidance on reopening team facilities this week

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With some states and regions around the country beginning to emerge from lockdowns put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been some attention paid to what that might mean for NFL team facilities.

The NFL announced this week that all offseason programs will continue to be conducted remotely through at least the end of May, but a memo last week indicated that there were plans in motion to be in position to reopen facilities at some point after May 15. Those plans seemed to allow for teams to open facilities even if other clubs were not allowed, although the league told PFT that was not the case.

In a memo sent to team presidents this week, via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the league said that any reopenings would have to be consistent with public health guidance, permitted under government regulations and done in a way that respects principles of competitive equity. It also said they expected to have more specifics about reopening later this week.

“To be clear, club facilities remain closed and no date has been set for the reopening of club facilities,” the memo said. “Before facilities can reopen, the three criteria identified above must be satisfied. We expect to provide additional guidance later this week regarding when facilities may reopen, the number of people who may return to work, and related matters.”

The memo also notes that the league will be holding a training program for club infection control officers next week and noted that having an employee take that program is a prerequisite for reopening a facility.

2 responses to “NFL expects to provide guidance on reopening team facilities this week

  1. IN NYS now way this happens before July. Now the Bills are impacted but NJ jets and Giants are following NYC and they may not open to Aug. The Cowboys feel training camp in CA maynot happen and are looking at options to move camp to the Star.

    SO let’s say for argument. Only Seahawks, Rams, Chargers, Jets and Giants cannot hold offseason or training camps at planed locals. Do they move to say texas, AZ or other states the offseason or camps? or if the NY/NJ and CA cant hold games do you flip the games to the visiting team or find a stadium open in another state?

  2. It won’t be in Cali, they just extended their “lock down” by 3 months!

    I bet Kroenke is having nightmares watching all those Benjamin’s fly out the window!

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