Quinton Dunbar, DeAndre Baker accused of armed robbery

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The Miramar, Florida, police department announced on social media it has issued arrest warrants for Giants cornerback Deandre Baker and Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar.

Baker faces four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. Dunbar faces four counts of armed robbery with a firearm.

The players attended a party at a private residence Wednesday night when an argument ensued, and Baker drew a semi-automatic firearm, according to the arrest affidavit. With Baker directing, Dunbar helped collect more than $11,000 in cash, an $18,000 Rolex watch, a $25,000 Hublot watch, a $17,500 Audemars Piguet watch and other valuables from partygoers.

At one point, Baker ordered another armed man in a red mask to shoot someone who walked into the party. The armed man did not comply. There are conflicting witness statements about whether Dunbar had a gun or not.

Vehicles were pre-positioned to expedite an immediate exit.

Baker and Dunbar “lost” about $70,000 two nights earlier at a different party in Miami, and TMZ.com reports the losses were from gambling.

The NFL and Giants both said they were aware of the matter, per NFL Media.

Baker, 22, started 15 games after the Giants made him the 30th overall selection in 2019. Dunbar, 27, started 11 games in his fifth NFL season in 2019.

Washington traded Dunbar to Seattle in March, and he participated in a conference call with Seahawks beat reporters earlier Thursday before news of the arrest warrant broke.

78 responses to “Quinton Dunbar, DeAndre Baker accused of armed robbery

  1. Now how did they possibly expect to get away with this? Our major Universities are breeding criminal masterminds in their football programs. Sheeeesh.

  2. I guess they figured that opposing qbs were stealing from them last year

  3. These guys have played their last game in the NFL. The next time they take the field of play it will be on a basketball court in a prison courtyard.

  4. Guess they weren’t getting by on the peanuts being paid to them by their respective organizations. So sure. Let’s commit armed robbery.

  5. So much for our 3rd 1st round pick last year.

    Big swing and miss on him Getty.

  6. Man…..this quarantine making everyone lose their damn minds. Enjoy prison.

  7. Baker didnt take the wonderlic test but i think we can guess what his score might have been now

  8. In other news, Jerry Jones has contacted both Seattle and NYG inquiring about the availability of Baker and Dunbar.

  9. Everybody wants to be gangsta cept when it’s time to do gangsta stuff….not these guys they straight up wanna be gangsta

  10. Dunbar was the best offseason Seahawk pickup according to most experts. It now appears to be a bad move, regardless if he stays out of prison, which is certainly not expected. I expect he will immediately be released.

  11. Dunbar wanted his agent to negotiate an extension with Seahawks on his Final year of his contract. He won’t get the $3.4M this season. if he is guilty of the charges allegedly filed against him, his career will be over. He will be in prison.

    What a shame.

  12. To think… A vast amount of Redskin fans were upset that Ron Rivera and the “Coach Orientated” program traded Dunbar.

    Count this as a win for the Redskins, even if you are not a fan.

  13. Wow. Forget football, these guys lives are toast.
    Can’t fix stupid even if you have tons of money.

  14. There has to be more to this story – not in the sense of excusing it, but in explaining it, because at first glance it’s pure crazy.

  15. The comments above have expressly conveyed almost everything that I had to say…

  16. Knew this guy Baker was trouble last year as a rookie when he bought his mom a Bentley days after getting signed… just horrendous decision making. Glad we drafted 5 CB’s in the last 3 years.

  17. What the hell were they thinking? The stolen amount is chump change for them.

  18. To be clear though, this guy has never played for Seattle, never been with the team, doesn’t live here, just had his name moved here on paper. Losing the 5th rdr aint great but I am just happy nobody got hurt. God help these kids though, they need it

  19. How to throw away multi-millions in contract value for $60 grand in watches. That’s some kinda genius right there.

    Both contracts will likely be voided and neither player will see the field this season, if ever again.

  20. Even if they somehow get off they will be facing NFL discipline.
    My guess is the party they attended and the people they were with aren’t going to want to face high scrutiny…..they probably just wanted their bling and cash back.
    Some people really don’t want to be witnesses for all types of reasons.

  21. I believe Baker pulled his gun to keep others from pulling their gun, and using it. I’d say Baker may have saved some lives with his actions. Probably not the brightest thing to go around playing cop, but he might have been a hero.

  22. Khaleke Hudson is selected with 5th rd pick Washington got from Seahawks. Seahawks gave up TE Vannett to Steelers to get that pick, so they lose out on their TE, lose a draft pick and now won’t have Dunbar. At least the Seahawks have $3.5M more in Cap space to get Clowney.

  23. So thats two large Parties I am reading about during these distancing times?

  24. Those are heavy charges. No way they can talk their way into community service. There will be prison time for this.

  25. They will be jailed on breaking the stay at home order, but allowed bail on armed robbery.

  26. With $100,000 in new watches, it should be clear to them that it is time for prison.

  27. When keeping it real goes wrong. Meet DeAndre and Quinton, two millionaire NFL defensive backs who were out partying and gambling…

  28. More like Quinton DUMBar AM I RIGHT?!

    Seriously….dude has a conference call yesterday morning where he comes off as an excited, awesome new addition ready to rock and roll on a new squad and now…this.


  29. Talk about a reversal of fortune: Pro Football Focus ranked Dunbar as its #2 corner, now he is number 2 on the most wanted list.

  30. Baker set to make about $9 mil over the next three seasons.
    Dunbar $3.5 mil this season.

    I’m not even sure what to say about this…

  31. One of the most important things to learn in live is how to evaluate risk versus reward. Unfortunately for some rich athletes, that ability usually comes with age. Pure speculation, but it looks like to me they lost $70K gambling at the previous party and were so upset at that they thought the would go to the party where this incident took place to “get even” with the people who won their money. So for the reward to showing those people “who’s boss”, they risked millions of dollars they would have earned playing football.

  32. You have to think there is more to this story otherwise these two might win the award for Idiots of the Year.

  33. Again, I hope they used separate cars to go on the lam. They should maintain social distancing even during the getaway for their own safety.

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