Tyler Eifert’s dogs zoom away during videoconference

Getty Images

Trying to create content during a pandemic can be ruff sometimes.

New Jaguars tight end Tyler Eifert was in the middle of a videoconference with reporters Thursday, when he had to hit paws.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t thrilled to talk about playing with Gardner Minshew, he had to take care of an escapee.

Via Michael Giardi of NFL Network, Eifert’s dogs got out of his yard, and his neighbor called for him to . . . wait for it . . . retrieve them.

“I got a little conditioning in too,” Eifert said upon his return.

As Bill Belichick’s dog Nike proved during the 2020 NFL Draft, the pet cameos can be the best part of these video streams sometimes, so Eifert’s Jaguars career is already off to a fetching start.