Browns “quite confident” in Jedrick Wills’ ability to start at left tackle

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There will be a transition for Jedrick Wills, after playing right tackle in college.

But the Browns have no hesitation about his ability to make the move, and plan to start him at left tackle from Day One.

I’m quite confident he’s capable of being our left tackle,” Browns offensive line coach Bill Callahan said, via Dan Labbe of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “They’re going to go through some lumps and they’re going to have times when they’re going to get beat, but the best in the game get beat.”

Browns chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta said Wills was the top tackle on the team’s draft board, and Callahan said the traits he saw of Wills’ film from Alabama were evident.

“You could feel him on film,” Callahan said. “He came alive on tape and you got excited about what he was doing. . . .

“He’s got these intangibles that show up in tangible ways on film,” he said. “You watch him finish, you watch him detail and technique, you watch his consistent effort and his stamina throughout the game from start to finish and I think that’s what was the appeal for me.”

Callahan acknowledged the complication of the shift, and has sent Wills tape of left tackles he wants him to study, and they watch the film together. Callahan noted he worked with Tyron Smith through a similar transition in Dallas.

“From a muscle memory standpoint, you’ve got to get into a groove and a lot of that depends on the training and the reps and all that,” Callahan said, “but when you’re grooving a player, they need constant, consistent reps day-in and day-out to get their game up to the level that you want it.”

Of course, that’s harder to build when all the reps are virtual, but if Wills is able to make the transition as smoothly as Smith did, that will be good news for Baker Mayfield and the rest of the offense.

7 responses to “Browns “quite confident” in Jedrick Wills’ ability to start at left tackle

  1. He already has one of the best LT’s to ever play the game at his disposal. Joe Thomas has happily said he will tutor Jedrick and Jedrick is more than ready to receive it.

  2. I forgot the Browns brought in Callahan… Thats a HUGE coaching pick up. He will make that team legit. Wherever Bill Callahan goes the O Line gets markedly better immediately.

  3. Callahan is one of the top O-LINE coaches in the NFL. He built Dallas’ great O-LINE a few years ago. Cowboys’ O-LINE has never been the same when he left.
    Browns are lucky to have him.

  4. Browns history of failed 1st round picks indicated this kid has huge history to overcome. Good luck kid.

    Browns gonna be Browns

  5. This article getting me pumped for football!!! Protect Mayfield and offense is going to put up big scores. Go browns!

  6. I guess a lot of people forget Callahan was the oline coach in Washington. He didn’t exactly set the league on fire there.

    Dallas had a lot of earlier round picks on their oline, so they were very good. Callahan may have added something, but he had all the talent in the world to work with.

    In Washington, he had a couple of first rounders on the line and mediocre talent elsewhere. He didn’t do anything there to raise the level of play.

  7. I see an easy transition to LT. He might not have great length but his lower body is so loose with easy movement skills. Hopefully the ht challenged Mayfield will stay in the pocket more now that he has quality bookends.

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