DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar remain at large

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More than a day after arrest warrants were issued for Giants cornerback Deandre Baker and Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar (pictured), both men remain at large.

They face felony charges arising from alleged involvement in an armed robbery. Via David Ovalle of the Miami Herald, Dunbar’s lawyer has professed his client’s innocence. [Editor’s note: They rarely if ever say, “Yep, he did it.”]

Lawyer Michael Grieco contends that he presented multiple affidavits to the prosecutor’s office, but that the authorities still expect Dunbar to turn himself in, or be arrested.

“All of the affidavits indicate my client is innocent,” Greico said, adding that the police seem to be reveling in the fact that they have a chance to reel in a big fish.

“I have never in my career seen a police department so excited about arresting a celebrity,” Greico said.

Greico wouldn’t say whether Dunbar will turn himself in. Although he’s not violating the law while remaining at large, showing up voluntarily typically entails a procedure less onerous than the cuffing and stuffing that is reserved for those who choose to force the police to come get them.

Even if Dunbar is innocent, the case won’t be dismissed based on comments his lawyer makes to the media. Dunbar needs to show up, go through the process, and hope that the strong constitutional protections aimed at keeping innocent men from being wrongfully jailed will keep him from being convicted.

Via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, Miramar, Florida authorities dispute the suggestion that the police are treating Dunbar and Baker any differently than anyone else. The police also say that none of the witnesses to the alleged crime have recanted statements given at the scene.

Regardless of whether that is or isn’t true, the charges stand, and they’re not going to go away simple because Dunbar, Baker, and/or Grieco want them to.

57 responses to “DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar remain at large

  1. The getaway vehicles were a Lamborghini, a Mercedes-Benz and BMW, funniest thing I’ve ever heard

  2. Big fish? Lol, honestly never heard of either.

    Their lawyer makes it seem as if the police are trying to bring in Brady or Mahomes.. 😂

  3. Unless the witnesses recant statements made to the police, it doesn’t matter what pieces of paper the lawyer says he has.

  4. Ought to be easy to spot… you know those idiots are wearing the watches they stole.

  5. Yeah, these clowns aren’t exactly Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid…

  6. [editor’s note – They don’t always have five affidavits to present to the DA either. We should probably let this one play out.]

  7. A rare case where the Skins somehow look smart by trading Dunbar away.

  8. “Dunbar needs to show up, go through the process, and hope that the strong constitutional protections aimed at keeping innocent men from being wrongfully jailed will keep him from being convicted.”

    More realistically, hoping that being able to hire an expensive lawyer to make a conviction harder and much more expensive to obtain will keep him out of jail.

  9. Last seen in Ray Lewis’s white suit cruising slowly through Los Angeles in a early to mid nineties Ford Bronco…

  10. Remember when most of you guys were saying how dysfunctional Washington was for trading Dunbar???

  11. All of the affidavits indicate my client is innocent,” Greico said,


    Yes, innocent men usually run away and hide.

  12. Strong constitutional protections huh?

    I’m not saying these three clowns are innocent but there have been plenty of innocent men imprisoned or worse killed despite these protections

  13. I’m glad they’re using separate getaway cars so they won’t get the virus.

  14. If they would have had their face masks on like everybody else is supposed to do when around people maybe they wouldn’t have been identified lmao

  15. These guys might have actually saved lives. If they don’t pull guns, who does, and do they shoot? Some of the parties these guys are going to aren’t exactly like the parties I used to go to. I’m pretty boring. But I’ve made it to 60.

  16. Since when do clowns like this qualify as celebrities even in today’s stupod world?

  17. Does the lawyer admit His client knew the people? That He lost a lot of money to them recently? Kind of doubt it. Read the warrant for arrest. These two guys are the dumbest people on the face of the earth.

  18. officialgame says:
    May 15, 2020 at 7:06 pm
    The two geniuses must be knee deep studying their playbook’s.

    HHMMM maybe thats why they stole expensive watchs ” TO GET THERE TIMING RIGHT “

  19. This is ridiculous. Violating the stay at home order is the worst offense.

  20. How don’t NFL players understand how good they have it? And doesn’t that make them stay away from things that will get them tossed out of the league?

  21. How do you expect to escape when your getaway vehicles are a BMW, Benz, and a Lambo?

  22. It happened in Florida? Is anyone, including Floridians, surprised that pro athletes have found themselves involved in a crime there? It’s an offseason ritual.

  23. I don’t understand it, they work so hard to get out of that environment, but yet they keep the same culture after they have beaten the odds. Some of these guys have got a free ride all through high school and college because of athletic talent, people have turned the other way just because of a certain skill set these guys have. Ask anybody you’re making millions of dollars and you have to do this kinda crap why? So you can show people how ghetto you are? How much more of a man you are because you grew up hard?

  24. Wow. I hope this is a state of mistaken identity. Who would give up an NFL career to rob and steal?

  25. Explain to me, if a few hours after you pull off an “OJ” style holdup, and steal a boatload of toys and cash… you then go onto your computer and do a long-distance interview with ‘local Seattle’ reporters… go listen, there isn’t anything in his voice or mannerism that would indicate something was amiss. Would you, having just pulled off the ‘robbery’ even care about the Seattle interview? Seriously, something is fishy in South Florida.
    The speed of the warrants for 2 known NFL players.

    And that roving poker game, where they lost 70k and then went back to ‘get back their $$$…
    probably in AirBnB’s around the area, are illegal, too and generallythe organizers get protection by paying off the very cops that got those warrants out — that’s how these games work.

  26. I will hold judgement until further review. I remember when a lot of the genius sports journalist raced to blame Sean Taylor for his own death. However, i do believe there was a crime committed, we just don’t know what Quinton’s role was. It does look like the Redskins made the right move to trade him. Let’s have a drama free season!! HTTR

  27. Absolutely mind blowing to me that professional athletes making hundreds of thousands to millions of $$ per year can do things like this and jeopardize their freedom and their careers.

  28. If they didn’t play football, they’d be sitting in a prison cell where they belong.

  29. Their attorney says he has statements from 5 people exonerating Baker & Dunbar. He did forget to mention they are given at gunpoint.

  30. Attorney: “My client it innocent.”
    OK, so where is he?
    Attorney: “He’s hiding.”

  31. They haven’t turned themselves in yet they want to enjoy one last weekend in the 2020’s.

  32. I wonder who those affidavits are from. Something tells me the witnesses are being offered money for their silence. It just goes to show, you can buy yourself out of trouble if you have enough of it…just ask Greg Hardy.

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