DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar remain at large

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There’s a strange twist to the bizarre charges against Giants cornerback Deandre Baker and Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar. Both players remain at large, even though both players have been in contact with their teams since the May 13 incident sparking allegations of armed robbery and aggravated assault after a robbery at a private party.

Dunbar did a videoconference with reporters on Thursday, which presumably was arranged by the team. Of course, the Seahawks would have had no reason to suspect that anything was amiss, since the interview happened before the arrest warrants were announced.

The Giants, in contrast, has acknowledged that they have been in contact with Baker. But Baker remains at large. While it’s entirely possible that the Giants instructed Baker to turn himself in, the fact that he hasn’t means either that he has ignored the team’s advice or that the team hasn’t given him that advice.

As of this posting, both Baker and Dunbar remain at large. That surely won’t last for much longer. The fact that it has lasted this long is just another head scratcher in a case that induces plenty of them.

10 responses to “DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar remain at large

  1. As a giants fan, i was already becoming fairly disgusted with this team and the people who run that organization. Now i’m just beside myself. Gettleman should be fired. Moving up in the first round to take this guy. Then you add what happened with Corey Ballentine. This is ridiculous

  2. Baker and Dunbar may have also delayed turning themselves in from advice of counsel to prepare statements and defense. I’m sure they have “lawyered up” in advance of being arrested and arraigned.

    That said, it’s just mind boggling that young professional athletes are this stupid. Baker made $6.1M in salary and signing bonus last year, and he’s upset about $70K?

  3. Cut the guy and see if Logan Ryan is willing to come over.

    Get rid of a low character guy, bring in a high character guy.

    Also need to look at the internal process of how we even gave this guy a Green Light as a draftable player. Were there identified risks with him?

    Kirby Smart spoke highly of him.

  4. Looks like the Redskins trade of Dunbar to the Seahawks was a smart move. How could those two guys, Baker and Dunbar, been that dumb?

  5. I’m still dumbfounded when I consider what these guys did. Dunbar has career earnings of over $8M and was set to make another ~$3.5M this year. Baker has earned over $6.1M and was due to make almost another $2M this year. And they were upset enough about losing $70K that they commit felony armed assault and felony armed robbery? $70K is just a drop in the bucket compared to what they were due to make this year. I can’t wait to hear their defense for their acts–that should be a good laugh.

  6. It can’t be hard to find them. If they are smart enough to stay “at large,” they wouldn’t have been involved in the situation to begin with.

  7. They got several thousand from the robbery but cost themselves millions and their careers. If/when they go to prison, their prime years will be behind bars. It is not like they are pro bowlers where teams will be waiting for them when they get out of jail. Plus Goodell will put a hefty suspension on them.

  8. Whether they turn themselves in or not has nothing to do with the team and what they say to the players. SMH.
    Reports said they lost a ton of money gambling, then did the robbery. These guys had it all and gave it away for what was prolly a Coke fueled weekend.

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