Jim Kelly has high hopes for Josh Allen

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The best quarterback in Bills history thinks Buffalo has found a worthy successor.

Jim Kelly says he believes Josh Allen is ready to take a big step forward and establish himself as the franchise quarterback and his team as contenders.

I think he’s taken a big jump,” Kelly said of Allen on CBS Sports Radio. “I’m proud of the way he’s handled everything. His leadership is something I think the team was looking for and they finally got it – a quarterback to come in here and make it their team – and Josh has definitely shown that. I think the only thing he needs to work on – he’s such a great athlete that I think sometimes when he drops back and his first option is not there, he relies on his athletic ability to make a play when it’s not there right away. If he goes through his progressions more, I think he’ll find out that the bigger play might be there. The good thing about it is we have a quarterback who is an athlete, that can make big plays with their legs.”

Allen’s passing stats improved significantly from his rookie year to 2019, but they were still nothing to write home about. Kelly thinks it’s all trending in the right direction.

“Josh is getting better,” Kelly said. “I think that what we need to see from him probably a little bit is to complete some of those long passes. But I’m proud of him. I think he’s doing a great job. Hopefully he’ll take another step forward.”

If he does, this could finally be the year that the Bills pass the Patriots and win the AFC East for the first time since 1995, when Kelly was their quarterback.

19 responses to “Jim Kelly has high hopes for Josh Allen

  1. Kelly has been wrong in the past. Let’s hope he has it right this time.

  2. Kelly has been wrong in the past?

    Kelly has been nothing but wrong since forever.

    Trash Allen’s meltdown in the playoffs was exactly what a lot of us expected and even called for, it’s who he is.

  3. The Bills are the envy of the league right now from management, to coaching, down to the last guys on the roster.

  4. Ron Jull says:
    May 15, 2020 at 12:34 pm
    Already won as many Superbowls as Kelly….
    And where do you keep your HOF jacket?

  5. I always have had a soft spot for the Bills and especially Jim Kelly. Guy was a machine while he played, and even more of a warrior off of it. Guy always seems to pump tires of players and team through thick and thin. You couldn’t ask for a better team ambassador. He genuinely loves Buffalo and that’s why Buffalo loves him.

  6. “I think that what we need to see from him probably a little bit is to complete some of those long passes.”

    Jim, he misses everything over 25 yards by 10 yards. He needs to improve much more “a little bit”.

  7. Josh’s leadership is great and that isn’t really taught. But he can be taught to get better in the other areas.

  8. Cause he has high hopes, hiiigh hopes, high apple pie in the sky hopes…

  9. Josh Allen is the best QB in Bills’ history, and that’s no disrespect to Jackie Kemp or Jim Kelly.

  10. One thing for sure, next year this time there should be no uncertainty on Allen, as he is in his third year and has enough offensive weapons to create no further excuses.

  11. What about the whole problem with throwing accurately?

    Can’t fix that.

    Miami is sitting a prime spot in that division.

  12. Improved accuracy by 7% on one off-season with one real RB, 2 solid WR and a rookie TE.
    Most 4th quarter comebacks
    Most game winning drives
    Same amount of TDs rushing as Saquon Barkley
    Scored more, because of 2pt conversions.
    # some guys donut know football

  13. Looking forward to when the Bills take over Las Vegas. Bills Mafia will be in full force if they are allowed!

  14. Same amount of TDs rushing as Saquon Barkley


    That is just because he vultures TDs at the goal line from his RB’s. He had 4 1-yard TD runs last year.

    The other RB’s on the team only had 4 combined rushing TDs.

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