Jon Gruden trying to keep “challenging” offseason as normal as possible

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Raiders coach Jon Gruden thought this offseason’s biggest challenge would be getting the team settled in Las Vegas. Instead, he’s trying to learn how to coach over video conference.

Gruden told the San Jose Mercury News that his team is having as good an offseason program as can be possible with all players and coaches working from home.

“We just got done with a two-hour meeting with the guys,” Gruden said. “Now we’re getting ready for our next meeting. We Zoom and we Zoom and we Zoom. To be honest I’ve just been low key. I’m not saying much. Football is kind of not as important right now to anybody given the circumstances. So I’ve just kind of been under the radar trying to get my team ready to go, get our coaches ready to go and try to be respectful of the rules. All of these rules. It’s nuts.”

Gruden wants the players to be comfortable with the material they’re getting, and he’s trying to make it seem like an ordinary offseason.

“It’s important that we try to keep things as normal as possible when it comes to football,” Gruden said. “We still have to teach a lot of new players our system and we still have to try and bring a lot of new people together and form some camaraderie some how, some way. It’s hard to do. It’s challenging. We’ve got to try to be as creative as possible and that’s what we’re doing. We probably spend more time preparing for the meetings than we’ve ever done before. We’ve learned a lot about technology, we feel like we’re on the cutting edge of utilizing it.”

Gruden is famous for getting to the office very early in the morning. This year is different, with Gruden and his team not going to the office at all.

12 responses to “Jon Gruden trying to keep “challenging” offseason as normal as possible

  1. knock on wood of your with me!…Chucky is probably foaming at the mouth at 4am ready to work but only can play donkey kong because of the stupid rules the NFL laid out.

  2. New stadium new players new look .. reloaded our receiving core it’s looking good.

    There’s only one Nation
    Raider Nation


  3. Like it matters, the Raiders next two seasons at a minimum will be a wash anyways. They don’t have nearly enough talent to compete. Losing Mack and Cooper seriously put that team back. To make matters worse, they didn’t draft a QB with all those draft picks they had. Just a dumpster fire, same blueprint 0r similar blueprint for failure like the Lions.

  4. Is Gruden building a robot QB with all his at home time? They certainly don’t have a QB that can take them the extra mile to win a playoff game, let alone finish above 7-9.

  5. Gruden is an entertainer (in the circus sense) and politician which is why the owner (who is like P.T. Barnum) hired him. But he’s a below-average HC and the results on the field reflect that.

    Gruden’s obnoxiousness and ineptitude are very similar to Rex Ryan but it’s even worse because Gruden also has control over personnel & the draft.

  6. Hans Guttentaag says:
    May 15, 2020 at 12:54 pm

    I guarantee they win 12 games, book it


    You have a hot guarantee! You have been saying that about the Lions the past six years so you give up on them and move to another dumpster fire team.

  7. I guarantee they win 12 games, book it


    This is true, when you add the previous two seasons to this coming season wins. You will have 12 wins for the Raiders.

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